Ballad of Fallen Angels: Part I
by Elvensong

The rays of the rising sun pierced the tops of the trees of Mirkwood. Their light only reached the forest floor in small areas, there only the strongest plants could survive under the shadow of the great trees. The trees whose tops reached as to touch the top of the clouds themselves.

Among their branches sat a small Elf. Only a child to his kind, but around 15 years old in the rest of the world. He sat at peace, reading a book that told magnificent stories of dragons, wizards and unicorns. He hoped to see these magical creatures one day, to speak with them of the world.

Suddenly, he heard someone approaching below him. He stood and looked off into the distance to see who it was that was tracking him. The small Elf sighed, it was Shierra, the head servant of the palace, and the young prince's main attendant. He thought he had eluded her. He should have known that it was near impossible to hide from her.

"Legolas!" She called out, breaking the silence of the forest. "Young prince, get down here and show yourself to me. I know you're up in those trees. You are far too young to be playing these games."

That much was true, as far as humans go, Legolas appeared not much older than 8, he was not allowed to wonder off by himself. Mirkwood was not a safe environment. Stray too far from the territory of the wood-elves and many evils could come down upon one so small. However, Legolas always made it a point to sneak out and hide out, away from all the attention he always received. Everyone always wanted to play with the small prince, it was quite annoying at times. Solitude rarely came to him.

This prince was the youngest of three, and the last child born before his mother's journey to the Undying Lands. He was an exact copy of his mother, long blond hair, and beautiful blue eyes. The picture of innocence, and unfortunately, he knew it. He was carefree, for he had two older brothers to assume the throne before him, so he was not as strictly trained.

"Legolas!" She continued, "Your father wants you to attend this dinner, you do not want to upset him, do you?"

The prince laughed, his father could never stay upset with him, he could always made him smile if he gave him 'the look'. He spent a long time perfecting it once he realized its power. His father always held him close and told him grand stories of great battles.

Legolas slowly climbed down, realizing that staying hidden now was very pointless. He made his way towards the floor, the tree itself helping his descent. Legolas was much loved by the forest, and his friends the trees would never let him fall. Of course, it would be a long time before he realized that it was their aid, and not his ability, that kept him in the trees at such a young and ungraceful age.

He made his way towards the yelling voice. She saw him coming, half stumbling, and she couldn't help but giggle. The youngest prince was now in that age, when his long elven limbs began to grow very quickly and his grace could not keep up with the changes. In this age, young Elves are known to trip and fall a great deal.

"Come, young Prince, you have leaves all over you. You must be cleaned up. Now, what have I told you about sneaking off into the woods by yourself?"

"I forgot."


So quietly, it was almost a whisper, the correct answer came.

"I'm not supposed to."

"Yes, now what would your father say if I told him?"

"He would ask you how I got away again?"

Shierra couldn?t help but laugh, for he was correct. "You are too smart for your own good, Legolas." Legolas looked up, and again tripped on his own two feet. The Elf sighed in annoyance, he wished he could stop doing that.

Together, they returned to his father's palace. Legolas's brothers were gone fighting battles again and his father would want to spend some time with his youngest and most fair child.


Thranduil was in the midst of difficulties as his son returned from the wood. The King's captain of the military was yet again coming to him with problems.

"Your Highness, we cannot defend the southern border if you do not send in more of the infantry."

"Kayrel, I have not the forces, in order to do that we would need to take them away from the north, and they are having problems of their own right now."

"Please, listen to what I say. I have been well trained in this arena and I really think you should take my advice seriously."

"I also know what I am doing. I have listened to your counsel and have taken it under advisement. That is all you need ask know right now. I will tell you my decisions as soon as I have made them. For now, good day. I shall see you later."

"Your Highness, we need to discuss this now. There is no time for anything else."

"One must not make hasty decisions, Kayrel. I must think of what to do next. My son returns, I am going to spend time with him. I will call for you in the morning."

"But, Sire,"

"I said, goodnight." Thranduil turned his back to the leader of the Mirkwood forces, not willing to hear another word.


Slowly, Kayrel left, meeting with his officers in the other side of the palace.

"My friends, the king is not listening to reason. I dare believe that the loss of his wife is affecting his judgment. Mirkwood may not be safe much longer with him as king, leading the military."

"He is our king, we cannot defy him." One of the guards was not willing to listen anymore. Their captain, it seemed, now spoke of nothing but taking over the kingdom from Thranduil. He had almost become obsessed with it to a point of madness.

"You also ignore my words. If we lead everything, our home may yet become safe once more. Safe for our families, our children. Don?t you ever think of them?"

"Of course."

"Then act like it." Kayrel left the others alone with their thoughts.

The Captain continued to another part of the wood-elf realm, where he knew he could find others with as much contempt of their king as he had. Ones who would listen to him, ones who would obey his orders without question.

The time of there being a royal family in Mirkwood needed to come to an end, by blood if necessary. He would see to that.

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