Ballad of Fallen Angels: Part III
by Elvensong

The usurper of Mirkwood strolled down the hallway, towards the chambers of the young Prince. It was really a shame, for he was, in face, an innocent. However, that innocent Elf could come back to destroy him, he must be dealt with now.

He strolled down the passageway, when he felt something. A presence, someone was nearby. He paused and readied himself for the attack. With the skill of a highly trained warrior, he leaped around the turn to find.


There was no one there in the dark hallway. He heard someone running from behind him.

'Captain, the servant are opposing us! We are repelling their attacks, but...'

'But what, Kimpech?'

'The palace is beginning to burn!'

It was true, the palace may have a stone foundation, but the outer layers were made from deadwood gathered ages ago. The fire quickly grew because of the dry nature of the wood, it was spreading with great haste.

'Go back and get everyone out! We cannot kill the servants for their loyalty, for now that loyalty must be used for our side. I have unfinished business. Kayrel ran down the hallway.

He knew exactly where Legolas slept and Kayrel hoped to quickly kill him in his sleep. To give him the most peaceful death he could think of. When he arrived at the door he slunk in with catlike grace. He floated over to the bed, making not a sound. When he peered over the sheets he again found.


The Prince was not there.

'Perhaps he heard the fighting, or smelled the smoke? Perhaps he sought a glass of water?'

Kayrel searched about the room but again came up empty handed. Now the smoke was becoming thick, he could not tally here much longer. He began to make his way towards the door and out into the cold night.


Shierra hurried down the stone corridor. She was thankful that she knew the hidden tunnels of the castle, for behind the tapestry she had been trapped by was a secret way to the kitchens. She had always been curious of the palace and had discovered these secret ways many hundreds of years ago, before Legolas was born.

Legolas, who was still in her arms. He was so light, she could carry him forever and not even realize it. She felt her way to the entrance to the kitchens, she now smelt the smoke.

'Shierra, the castle is on fire! We must get out of here!'

'Is everything ready, Batai?'

'Yes, Madam.' That's when she noticed the bundle in Shierra's arms.

'The Young Prince' Where are you taking him?'

'We are saving his life. Faye?'


'We go now together, we must hurry. This way, out the back entrance!'

The smoke now grew thicker as the flames engulfed the palace.

Everything that remained of the ruling family of Mirkwood was destroyed.

'You must trust us, Legolas. Please, come with us and do not make a sound.'

Legolas nodded. He had never known such fear in his life. Where was his father? Why was there smoke everywhere? Where were they taking him?

'Through the passageway, hurry, there is little time!'

They took a way long forgotten. A way that took them under the castle and out an unknown door on the far side. This was a way used back when Dwarfs used to visit the Elves through their rocky tunnels, now this way was completely unknown, except by one exceptional servant. Legolas tried his best to keep up, to pay attention to his feet, but they were so fast. Shierra turned back and picked him up once again.

'We must head into the woods, we must get out of range of the armies of Mirkwood and quickly.'

They ran as fast as they could. Shierra held Legolas tight. He peered over her shoulder to see the outline of his home, being overcome by the fire. His home was no more. Everything he ever knew was gone. Legolas shut his eyes hard, hoping to awaken, that all this was only a bad dream.

The journey in front of them would take a great deal of time, without horses to bear them, and with a small frightened child.

'Where can we go, Shierra?'

'We cannot go where any Elves dwell, for surely word will reach back home that he is there. He father took him too many places, he face is too well known in the world of Elves.' She smiled at the gentle soul she carried, 'Besides, once you see his fair face you don't soon forget it.'

'Then, what choice do we have?'

Shierra looked up to the stars, hoping for a moment of guidance.


Rumor grew that Thranduil was sleeping from too much drink and was unaware of the flames until it was too late to save their king. The true story behind his dethroning was left in the shadows.

The Elves of Mirkwood believed that Legolas was also killed in the fire. For he was just a child and unable to find his way out of the smoke and darkness alone, so it was thought. Despair welled up in the people when they thought the innocent youth killed in such a way.

The criminals of the outskirts had staged an awful fight the day before, the two heirs had been slaughtered. Now, the kingdom was without a leader. However, one came forth quite quickly, Kayrel, leader of the military, soon took command of all the people. He did not go so far as to call himself king, but his greed and need for power soon became evident.

Mirkwood would soon find itself descending into shadow, cut off from all the other societies of Middle Earth.


Shierra stood alone, watching the rising sun. They were alone and needed to find somewhere to go, somewhere that they could leave Legolas. Their absence from the palace staff would soon be noticed, they would have to return in order to quench any suspicion that might arise. If they did not, search parties would soon form and find them eventually, for Mirkwood search parties were all too efficient.

'Give me a sign!'

Then she saw it, the first rays of the rising sun illuminating a path.

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