Ballad of Fallen Angels: Part IV
by Elvensong

"Shierra, I'm very tired. Can't we stop for a moment?"

"No, Legolas. We cannot stop while the sun shines. I know it is difficult for one so small to walk all day every day, but you must. We must find a safe harbor for you as soon as possible. There might already be creatures out looking for you from Mirkwood."

"I will keep up, I promise." Legolas' young and awkward legs ached from walking.

"We are we going?"

"To Gondor, young Prince. The land of men, where no Elf will be looking for a young Prince from the Elven realms. There you will be safe, there you can live your life. Gondor is not often visited by Elves, but it is not unknown to them as well. Many Elves have lived there, and you will not be shunned by the people there.

The four Elves continued walking until the sun set. Every now and then Legolas would still trip over something while trying to keep a bearing on which way he was going and the great sights that lie in between the two realms. They had been traveling for a great deal of time, and still they had nothing in front of them but wide, open expanses of Middle Earth.

Legolas tried to take it all in. He tried to understand the circumstances behind his need to leave his home. Shierra tried to explain at night around the fire, but Legolas could not fully understand. The Elves in Mirkwood liked him, so he believed. Why would they want him dead? They couldn't have all turned against him, did they? Shierra was unsure about how many were behind the coups. She had only heard Kayrel speak to Thranduil right before the king?s untimely death. Untimely death, a funny saying for a Elf, any death for them in untimely.

The young Elf would cry sometimes at night. He was very frightened and he knew that the Elves that had been with him on this journey, and all his life, could not stay with him when they arrived at this mysterious land. He had never been there, all the more reason why Shierra had chosen it. Mirkwood could never imagine that Legolas would go somewhere he didn?t even know existed.

In the end, Legolas was still a child, that confirmation came during one of their travels over a very large incline.

"Are we there yet?"


"No word yet, Kayrel. There is no sign of him in Rivendell, so our winged messengers report." They had sent the Eagles out shortly after the fire was contained. The once beautiful palace was no longer recognizable.

"Thank you, you may leave guardsmen." The Elf left the mighty ruler alone with his top aide, a sinister Elf named Garron.

"Why do you still search for him, Kayrel?"

"He is the only one who can threaten me. Even Lord Elrond has not came forward to challenge me. However, he can challenge me by blood."

"There is no way he could have escaped the fire. We would have seen his departure."

"We never found a body, Garron."

Kayrel stared to the stars, "Something tells me not to give up until proof of his death is presented before me. Keep up your search, for it has only been a few days. Smoke still rises from the castle, and we have yet to find any sign of him."

"Even is he did survive, he could not survive out there in the wilderness unaided. He is but a child, and raised as a prince in addition to that. He will not be able to fend for himself."

"Do not underestimate him, Garron! The minute you do that he will appear! Keep looking, we shall keep looking. I don't care if we have to look for the next hundred years, I will have my answers! Now, leave me be. I have some work to do, and a new kingdom to rule. Mirkwood shall soon rise and be the staging ground for the takeover of all the races of Middle Earth."

Garron slowly backed out of the room and continued down the path. Kayrel's words, they sounded so broken, almost bordering on insanity. No, they could not have allowed someone that mentally unstable overthrow a monarchy that was well respected by the Elves. No, it could not be true. He will go alone with Kayrel. They could not have made such grievous an error.


Gondor was bustling with activity. People coming and going, dragging children and bundles around not paying attention to anyone else around them. Elves always believed this a symptom of mortality. That one feels their time is so precious they cannot take in the beauty that is around them while they are in transit. Perhaps it shortens their lives, for there is never such an urgency in the main squares of an Elven village.

The four Elves were barely noticed. They quickly made their way out of the main passageways into a side alley. It was deserted and none traveled down it. Shierra pulled down her hood and knelt before Legolas, taking his hand in hers.

"We cannot remain here with you, Legolas. We must return to Mirkwood before they suspect anything and come looking for us. As a group we would be found much quicker, you can remain hidden here, Legolas."

The other two Elves prepared to leave, turning to head out the way they came. They would have to almost run to entire way back to Mirkwood to prevent from being missed. If the three main servants to the Prince were missing together, rumor may grow that Legolas was ushered out of the wood alive. They could not afford to raise suspicions, the young Elf would have a difficult time enough already.

"We must leave you now, young Prince."

Legolas had never known such fear. He was now going to be left alone for the first time in his life, in a strange land, with people that were not of his race. He wanted to cry, but princes do not cry. Shierra could see the beginnings of tears and wiped them away from his eyes.

"Do not cry, Legolas. When you grow strong, perhaps we will see each other again."

She stood and released his small hand. When she turned to leave, she quickly turned back to give him a close hug. She spoke quietly into his ear.

"Remember always that you are Legolas, meaning Greenleaf. Son of King Thranduil and the true ruler of Mirkwood."

She stood and raised her hood.

"Farewell, my Prince."

She turned and walked away, not once looking back.

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