Cling and Clatter: Part II
by Jules

The Finality of Death

The arrogant build kingdoms made of the different ones
breaking them till they've become
Just another crown.

Legolas moaned softly as he heard the wooden bolt shifting in its keeper. The guards were checking up on them and he was still flat on his back in the sand, lacking the strength or the will power to rise. Aragorn was hunched over him, concern written across his features yet hiding his obvious fear as the sand whispered in the wake of the guard. The human made a small gesture with his hand, indicating what he wanted Legolas to do as the guard approached, the ominous presence bearing down on the two. On command the Elf's blue eyes rolled backwards, his eyes closing and his body going limp.

" What's wrong with him?" the guards thunderous voice demanded, stopping just behind Aragorn then bending closer to the see the apparently unconscious elf better. Aragorn made a show of looking utterly distressed, tears rolling down his cheeks as he cradled his companions' body, hiding his repulsiveness as the offensive odour of unwashed guard invaded his nostrils.

" He's dying" the human stuttered, almost pleased with amount of distress he added to his voice. He truly was concerned about the Elf's wellbeing, but if him playing the beaten slave trying to help another got Legolas to a healer, well the show of weakness would be a blessing. Gambling this his show of companionship wouldn't earn them both the usual lashings or worse he turned as faced the guard, showing the salty tears glistening down his cheeks. The guard snorted and started to turn away, tossing Aragorn a knife in the process.

" He's as good as dead anyway, finish him off"

Aragorn truly looked horrified as the knife landed in the bloody sand. This was NOT how he had expected events to turn. The guard was supposed to either allow them to see a healer, or wait till Legolas 'died dramatically in his arms' then allow him to bury his companion. Gulping he grasped the knife, and turned back to the guard, clearly showing the very real angst written over his features.

" Please Sir, allow me a moment to say some words before I do as you ask" Aragorn pleaded. The guard hurrumphed and headed towards the doors, muttering a 'be quick' before closing them and allowing them a grudging moments privacy.

A moment later a guttwrenching scream erupted from behind the wooden doors, followed by a pitiful wailing. Knowing the Elf would now be dead the guard pushed open the heavy doors, but saw only the now very much bloodied form of the fallen elf sprawled on the sand, a stab wound clearly showing on his chest. He moved towards the body for a closer look, forgetting momentarily about the human with the knife creeping up from behind the now open doors. The guard reached the body which was looking very dead, nudged it a few times with his boot before he saw the glint of steel in the sunlight. He slumped forward as the blade met his throat, neatly slicing his corotid artery and he fell utop of now moving Elf. His mind vaguely registered the fact that the dead Elf was now alive before shutting down completely.

Legolas moaned as the large form of the guard landed across his lower body, pressing his wound once again into the sand. With help from Aragorn he slid the hulking corpse off himself, then using the human as a lever tried to regain his feet. He swayed unsteadily, the edges of his vision blurring in pain and infection and making it hard to focus. He leaned heavily on his human companion and they stumbled towards the horses. Aragorn hurriedly saddled one of the quieter animals and with great effort, pushed the uncoordinated elf into the saddle. Forgetting his own aches and pains he swiftly mounted, holding the elf in front of him as he nudged the horse in the ribs. With a small buck of protest they careened out of the roundyard, spraying sand in all directions as the flurry of hooves raced them towards their target.

Refuse to feel, anything at all
refuse to slip, refuse to fall
Can't be weak, can't stand still
You watch your back

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