The Dying of the Light: Part II
Author: Elvensong

Chapter 2: Encased Starlight

“By my power and the will of Sauron, reveal to me all possibilities.  Reveal all ends, all changes, and all threats to our dominance and the power of the one.  The ring, which ensnares all and demands obedience from any on Middle Earth, is calling out.  My gaze is wide and sees all so none shall escape me, none shall hide from me, and none shall bow before any other than the one.  Show me now!  What shall my next move be?” Saruman closed his eyes and viewed all the realm of Middle Earth.  His booming voice seemed to echo out over all the lands any all beings with magic contained within them could feel and faintly hear it.  Middle Earth stretched out before the powerful wizard encased in a ring of fire, a fire which he helped light, a fire which would consume all. The seeing stone’s gazed faced suddenly, revealing a land of trees.  Rivers flowed, having been mountain snows only hours ago. 

The gaze came down from above on the fellowship.  There were the hobbits, sleeping peacefully under the full moon light.  The men stood watch, not knowing that one other was already watching them.  The dwarf grumbled in his sleep about the stupid trees all around him. Gandalf smoked some weed and stared into the flames of their campfire, ah Gandalf, his naďve friend.  If only he would join them, on the side of the powerful.  Then their little resistance would be met with a swift end, instead of the long suffering Saruman had in store for them. After observing everything about there, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then the dark wizard saw it.  A creature he did not notice at first, perched in a tree, quietly sleeping with his eyes open as ever on the lookout.  An elf, but something was amiss.  As the seeing stone focused on this creature a small point of light began to form.  This was not unusual, all elves have points of light within them when looked at through the realm of magic.  As the range shortened, the light became brighter and brighter, a light of the purest white.  Until in the end the elf’s entire body was enveloped by this bright point from within his chest, right where his heart sat.  It seemed to almost be starlight.  Yes, as though a random star had placed itself inside this unusual elf.  Saruman had seen the light from elves before, but never before anything like this.  His eyes widened and a grave prophecy began to form in his mind.  This light was a threat and must be extinguished.

            He lowered his hand and the view faded.  The seeing stone returned to its dormant stage and Saruman placed the sheet on top of it once more, hiding it from view. 

            “I understand.  Elves needed to be taken care of eventually, we made have to move our schedule up a little bit, and start with this elf of unusual power.  Their kind cannot be allowed to endure, their power is too pure.  Their immortality is also a problem, for they will not submit like the mortals.” 

            Saruman knew what to do next.  He walked from the sacred room of the seeing stone to find something long forgotten in the lore of the world.  The wizard climbed down a winding staircase to the lower halls of his dark tower.  In the depths lay a dark and dungy room.  The smell of mold and mildew from ancient papers chocked off the air and even this powerful being couldn’t help but cough from it.  These were the spells of old, the ones only legend knew of.

            “Down in these rooms lay the power.  That light within that elf, it haunts me.  It is as though it has burned holes in my eyes.  I cannot be rid if it!  It will use this light to try and destroy me!”

            He then found what he was looking for.  An old spell which has not been uttered in a millennia.  Something long forgotten by all but with oldest of souls.  Saruman smiled.

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