Matters of the Heart
by Amber Wood-Brasher (rogue)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: if i owned them, would i be writing fanfic? uh, NO! ;)
Spoilers: Takes place during the second war against the dark lord, during the first alliance of elves and men. (before the LOTR series, in other words)
Summary/Comments: An elven woman must make the most important decision of her life...only it's decided for her. this most definetly isn't meant to be a Mary-Sue, even though the main character, Senia, is a created one. it will eventually also delve into one of the many reason for Leggy's contempt for Mordor.
Feedback: i can take critisizm as long as it's constructive. you can just post it here or you can e-mail me, it doesn't matter to me! :D i do have to ask everyone, don't jump to conclusions! don't automatically assume you know how the story going to end, because i might surprise you. :)

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