A Brother, an Elf Brother?: Part II
by Brenda

“Come in, Come in, surely you must be thirsty” Frodo asked as he ushered the Elf in.

“That I am thank you Frodo” Legolas said as he walked through the door, bowing slightly so he wouldn’t hit his head on the low roof.


“Yes, Please”

Frodo grabs a cup and pours the tea. “So tell me, why have you come to the shire?”

“I came to get someone and guide them back to my kingdom, which I’m quite surprised That, that someone is you Frodo.” Legolas said as he watched Frodo’s expression turn from wonder to surprise.

“Well if someone wishes to see me then we shall leave in the morning if you so wish it.” Frodo answered.

Legolas and Frodo talk for some time catching up on things. They visited Pippin, Merry, and Sam and all the while showed Legolas around all of Hobbiton.

The next morning Legolas and Frodo ride off towards Mirkwood with Frodo sitting on his pony. Two weeks of traveling and they finally arrive at the Mirkwood borders.

“The Forest is so beautiful” Frodo exclaimed in awe.

“Yes it is” Legolas replied appreciatively.

“You must love living here. Now tell me, I’ve heard that Mirkwood has these huge spiders from Gandalf long ago. Are they dangerous?”

“Some are, some aren’t. They are a few good many different kinds of these huge spiders.”

“Will you tell me more about these spiders someday and perhaps take me to see them?” asked Frodo curiously.

“Yes, someday, but first we must do what we came here to do.”

“Well then, I shall go get some rest. Will I be seeing your father tomorrow?”

“Perhaps” ” Legolas said noting the small hobbit’s weary form.

Frodo goes off to sleep while Legolas keeps guard for a while before getting what little sleep an elf needs. Wondering what the next day may bring.

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