A Brother, an Elf Brother?: Part III
by Brenda

The next day, Legolas and Frodo arrived at the castle. King Thranduil was standing in the Hall.

"Welcome Frodo, I am King Thranduil, King of Mirkwood"

"Hello kind sir. It's nice to meet you."

"Father it seems, your letter never reached him"

"You wrote the letter?" asked Frodo.

"Yes I did write it, but how about you get a fresh set of clothes and freshen up before I tell you the news I wish to tell you."

"Araaduialiel, please show Frodo to his room."

"Yes my King, come along Frodo. Follow me."

Legolas and Thranduil watch them go.

"Welcome back son, did your journey go well?"

"Yes Father, it did."

"You long for your beloved don't you."

"I do father, I do"

"Well go Freshen up, and then go see her. I'm sure Carnequesse would love to see you, she hates when you're away as you know."

Legolas walks off to his quarters briskly but smoothly.


"Legolas, oh dearest, I'm so glad your back, I missed you."

"And I you daringly"

Legolas walks into the bathing room and starts filling the tube with hot water.

Carnequesse comes into the room, watching Legolas silently. "Why don't you have a maid fill that for you?"

"If I had them do it, you wouldn't be here watching me would you?"

Legolas smiles as Carnequesse blushes. "Carnequesse……you're so beautiful…"

Legolas starts to undress, looks at Carnequesse suddenly having an idea. "Care to join me daringly?"


In the Dinning Room sat King Thranduil, Frodo, Legolas, and Carnequesse.

"Now that were all freshened up we shall continue but first, Frodo, I'd like you to met Legolas's wife Carnequesse."

"It's nice to meet you miss, I'm sure Legolas treats you well."He does, we love each other dearly"

"Frodo I brought you here because I don't believe you've ever met your father."

"No I haven't, pray tell, do you know?"

"Yes I know, for it is I, I am your father, making you half Elvin."

Frodo stares in shock at King Thranduil.


"Would you care to hear the story of your mother and I?"

"I would like to hear your story"

"Then so I will tell it but after supper, I've been told that Hobbits love there meals and I'm afraid that my story would take a great deal of time."

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