A Brother, an Elf Brother?: Part IV
by Brenda

After Supper, Frodo, Legolas and Thranduil are in the Library.

"Frodo, now that were done with supper I will tell you the story of how I met your mother. First let me clarify that you being my son, makes Legolas your brother. Half brother if you want to be technical."

"How did you meet my mother? I thought elves don't generally mix with Hobbits?" asked Frodo

"Oh, but you see, your mother was human, just very short. When she was young her parents were lost. Some hobbits found her by the river near by. They adopted her." A few years later, or more, when she was in her late 20's I ran into her. I was staying at the hotel just outside the IN where she helped out. We met by accident and fell in love. After a few years of visiting her, she became pregnant with you. We thought it best to not tell you, so she married another hobbit for you to think as your father. We did not want to raise chaos in the Shire. As to the elves in my kingdom, including my son, never found out because Gandalf was in the Shire at the time studying about Hobbits. He was a good friend of mine, and I liked to see what he was up to at times. Your mother was a very pretty lady Frodo, if only you knew her Longer. I never expected her to drown in the River like she did, if only she knew how to swim."

"Yes, I wish I knew her longer too. I loved her; all I can remember now is her face in my dreams."

Frodo looks off into space, remembering how his mother died when he was but a mere child.

"Does that not make Bilbo my uncle?"

"No, he's your uncle, he was your mother's brother, though he might have been half hobbit, I don't know if your mother had any hobbit in her, she never told me."

Legolas suddenly remembering something from when Frodo and him journeyed here speaks up.

"Frodo, I was thinking, now that you know that were brothers, how about I show you some of the kingdom and Forest? We can not see the spiders up close but we can see them from a distance" said Legolas. "I'd like that, maybe we should see the kingdom first then the forest. I'm in need of some rest."

"That you are, we shall see the Kingdom in the morning. I'm off to spend some time with my wife Carnequesse."

"Night my son"

"Night father, see you in the morning."

Legolas leaves the room to find his loving wife……

Well, Thranduil, or should I call you father? Before I turn in I think I'm going to go grab a bit to eat. Which way is the kitchen?

King Thranduil smiles, "Araaduialiel"

Araaduialiel walks in. "Yes my King"

"Will you show Frodo to the Kitchen, he seems to be hungry."

Frodo and Araaduialiel walk out towards the kitchen.

"So Araaduialiel, tell me about yourself……" says Frodo as they disappear down the Hall.

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