A Cold Heart Warmed: Part IV
by Pharassero

A light brush on her shoulder and soft lips at her ears awoke Kalay from a dreamless sleep. Legolas was crouched over her, waking her for her turn at watch. She sat up quietly and walked out just beyond the perimeter of the now dying fire. Legolas watched her leave, a small smile playing across his lips as he sat with his back against a tree and fell asleep.

Kalay moved silently in circles around the camp watching all areas. Now and then she would look over a Frodo and his friends where they slept close to the fire. Her watch was the last before sunrise, so she listend as the small birds and other animals began to wake as light came in the sky. Knowing they should save rations, Kalay crept only a little way from camp and killed a couple of large rabbits. She skinned them and spitted them over the fire before the others woke.

Soon everyone began to stir as the rabbits cooked and the smell wafted over the camp. "Whats that?" Gimli asked looking around, and sniffing. Boromir, Aragorn and the Hobbits were all surprised to see breakfast cooking. Legolas just gave a knowing smile as Kalay walked back into camp with fresh fruit."She's very resourceful," said Gandalf who looked up from his pipe he had just lit. The Hobbits had taken the food off the fire and were beginning to divide it up among everyone.

After everyone had eaten and complimented a blushing Kalay on her resourcefullness and cooking they started off again. It was several hours before they came to the gates of Moria, and just getting dark again. Gandalf explained that their timing was almost perfect as the gate only showed up in moonbeams. Everyone stood silent and waited as the moon came out from behind a cloud and shone on the stone wall revealing a door. It was very beautifully carved, and the words written there, Gandalf explained, said speak friend and enter. He tried several spells and magic words but to no avail, the rock didn't budge.

Hours later the door was still closed and the party was getting anxious. One of the Hobbits threw rocks in the water until Aragorn told him not to disturb the water. Suddenly, Frodo mumbled something about riddles and walked over to Gandalf. "How do you say friend in elf?" He asked. Gandalf's statement lightend as he stepped to the door, placed his staff in the center and spoke the word friend in elven. The huge door slid open to the amazement of all save Gandalf and Frodo. They hurried in, but not quite fast enough, a huge tentacle rose from the lake and snatched Frodo round his ankle and lifted him off the ground. It bore him out the door, while he screamed all the way. The others rushed after him and began cutting the thing with their swords while Kalay and Legolas shot it with their bows.

The creature having enough of being hacked at dropped the Hobbit and rose further out of the water revealing a humanesqe face with tentacles attached beneath it. Once Frodo, and anyone else who had been grabbed were free, the group rushed inside. The creature grabbed the side of the door and caused the gate to collapse.

Aragorn lit a torch and they all looked around making sure everyone else was there and allright before continuing on. They travelled for several hours before finally making a camp with a very small fire and cold rations. It was decided that two people should take watch as long as they were in the mines, so while the others settled in Aragorn and Merry took first watch. Kalay chose a moderatly comfortable spot and had just gotten settled when Legolas sat down beside. "I think we should stay closer tonight, just in case." Kalay blushed a bit at he thought but agreed it was probably safer. Legolas scooted closer and placed an arm low around her back, she leaned a little into him and sighed nervously. He sang her a little lullybye in her ear until she fell asleep.

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