A Cold Heart Warmed: Part VII
by Pharassero

Kalay wakes warm and refreshed the next morning, feeling Legolas' arms still around her. She tries to jump up, but he holds on a little tighter and keeps her there with him for a bit longer. When he does let go she sits up and turns to him smiling.

" Thank you for talking to me last night, I'm sorry we fought, I was just embarassed."

"You don't have to be embarrassed, I'm not ashamed of how you look and you shouldn't be either." he grins at her and puts a hand on hers. She stands and looks out the window, morning is well on its way.

"We'll be left behind if we don't get moving." she tells him as she picks up her pack.

"I doubt they would leave us behind, but you're right we should get going."

Legolas returned to his room and repacked his things, he was a bit saddened by the thought of leaving. He met up with Kalay moments later and they joined the group with serious looks on their faces. No one asked about the nights events but their time together had not gone unnoticed.

Galadriel had arranged for them to take boats down the river to the gates of Minas Tirith. Kalay didn't like boats, she had a horrid memory of being trapped in the middle of a lake without an oar, and though she was a good swimmer boats made her nervous. She carefully got into the boat with Boromir as his was the only one left, and crouched down low. He gave her a puzzled look as they cast off and she closed her eyes tightly.

"Can't swim little elf?" he asked in a mocking tone.

Kalay turns her head slowly and just enough to glare at him out of the corner of her eye." Yes I can swim, I don't like boats."

"Leaver her be Boromir, I'm sure you have fears too. No sense in making light of someone elses." Aragorn tells him.

Kalay barely looks up as the pass through the guardian gates of Gondor, even though the others gaze in awwe at them. She keeps her head bowed low until the put the boats to shore several miles away, where she is the first to hop nimbley out. Boromir, gives a chuckle behind her and Legolas shoves past him and to her side. Before he can comfort her, she darts into the woods to unceremoniously lose her lunch. She comes back looking a bit sheepish and blushing, and sits down to prepare a fire. Boromir goes off to get firewood, and Frodo sneaks off about the same time.

"Where's Frodo?" Aragorn asks any who know. They all begin looking around and calling for him, Kalay goes off in the direction she last saw him. She hears the sound of struggling not too far off and reaches the spot just in time to see an invisible Frodo kick boromir away from him. She hides quietly behind a tree and watches, after Boromir has his fit she steps out and shakes her head at him.

"The ring holds much power of which you still cannot comprehend. Do not try to weild it."

"What would you know, you're people are not living in fear of what lies just beyond the borders." he tells her in desperation. She shrugs her shoulders mildly and walks around him, and in the direction she thought Frodo might have gone. A sudden chill passes over her and she shudders, feeling something is'nt right. She picks up her pace just in time to find he companions being attacked by Uruk-hai. Kalay drew her sword and began attacking the nearest uruk- hai, she killed quite a few within a short time. Suddenly they all heard Boromir's horn of Gondor sounding, and noticed the enemy moving that way. Having just come from that direction Kalay is the first to arrive back there fighting all along the way. She tops a hill just as the leader raises his bow to fire at Boromir who is defending Pippen and Merry. Quickly bring her crossbow out and laoding it she fires into the ugly creatures shoulder causing him to misfire and embedding the arrow in a tree. He turns and smiles at her, and then turns back around. She thinks about this only a moment before drawing her sword and spinning with it held out in front of her. She slices through the beast soft stomach, but its weapon slices into her arm as it falls to the ground. She turns just in time to fire another arrow into the leader's back, she then puts her crossbow away and approaches him for hand to hand combat. He grins eveily at her, thinking she won't be a problem because of her sex and small size. The other uruk-hai had overpowered Boromir and taken the hobbits. Kalay was about to engage the leader in battle when Aragorn rushed passed her and began to fight him. Legolas and Gimli walked up and stopped just behind her where they could see the fight and assist if needed.

When the battle was over Aragorn walked over to Boromir who had been shot only once in the shoulder by the leader, but knocked unconscious by the others who had taken the hobbits. Aragorn knelt over him as the others approached, he opened his eyes after a few moments and he and Aragorn converse quietly. Kalay stands looking off in the distance with her hand over her wound when Legolas notices the blood oozing through her fingers. "You're hurt!" he excalims with concern, she glances over at him and sees his worried statement. "It isn't deep," she tells him as she glances down at it. He comes over and pulls her hand away, and it is deeper than she had thought. She gasps as he rips the sleeve the rest of the way off and ties it tightly above the gash. "That will slow the bleeding, you're going to get light headed if it doesn't stop soon though." Gimli suppresses a smile beneath his beard and looks toward Aragorn and Boromir.

"We will make camp here until everyone is rested, then we will go after them and get back Merry and Pippen. I don't want to wait that long, but we won't do them any good going in exhausted and getting ourselves killed." With that said he trudged off into the woods to get firewood and their provisions from the other camp. Gimli left with him and while they were gone Legolas looked over Kalay's wound better and Boromir apologised for his foolishness.

"I want to thank you Kalay for saving my life. I saw you fire those arrows into that beast before he shot me. I don't know how many arrows would be sticking out of my corpse now if you hadn't intervened." He smiles lightly over at her and adjusts himself so that he can lie more comfortably due to his wounds. She nods her head in agknowledgement and sits back against a tree as Legolas begins to wash out the gash. Aragorn and Gimli soo return with their supplies and prepare a light meal.

After eating, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas agree on a watch schedule and make sure the others are settled comfortably. Gimli takes the first watch and Legolas settles in beside an already sleeping Kalay. "The tea must've worked elf." Gimli whispers to Legolas who nods agreement after glancing at her sleeping form. He brushes a strand of hair from her ear and settles down closer to her, falling asleep until his turn at watch.

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