A Cold Heart Warmed: Part XII
by Pharassero

When Kalay leans heavily on Legolas' shoulder he looks down at her, "I'll get you inside where you can rest for a moment."

She is about to protest, but doesn't have the energy, so she allows him to escort her inside.

Arargorn comes over and Legolas gets up to talk with him, leaving her to wash and bind one of her more serious wounds. He comes back over and tells her they must look for new arrows and preare themselves for one last batte before dawn. She stands and bit unsteadily and they go off together looking. They return to Aragorn's side a while late with full quivers, Kalay is feelig better after the walk.

"The men are weary, they need encouragement. Come, we will give them some," Aragorn says to them upon their return.

They out onto the wall and begin talking to the men. Legolas in an attept to give good encouragement makes a fatal error, "Kalay has yet to give up. Surely you men will not let a woman out fight you."

She glares at him and steps back, just as Aragorn says,"She may be half-elf and stronger than most men, but you are Rohirrim. We can defeat them."

She turns on her heel and stalks away, while behind her both men realise their mistake and attept to apoplogise, they end up doing little more than stuttering embarrassdly. "I'll go talk to her, she is so sensitive, even with her strength," he jogs off after her. Aragorn steps to the wall and looks out at the gathered enemy, he begins speaking to them.

Meanwhile Legolas has caught up to Kalay leaning in a doorway, he approaches her and she turns away. "Kalay...I..I'm sorry, you know you are a better fighter than any man here, save me maybe." He gives her a sheepish grin as she turns and stares unbelieving at him, "Hey, I got you to look didn't I. Seriously though," he step closer and takes her hand," you mean more to me than anything. I ahve never felt this way about anyone before."

Tears sting her eyes and he wipes them away with a soft caress, he holds her close for long moments, before he hears the volly of arrows that has met Aragorn's speech.

They hurry back to assist Aragorn who has taken refuge with the king inside, suddenly a blast rocks the cavern and she stumbles into Legolas who in turn falls on his rump. Kalay canot catch herself and land unceramoniously on top of him, they laugh a moment before getting up and brushing themselves off.

"They are using something new," Aragorn tells them.

"We must prepare, we charge them at dawn," Theoden announces.

Gimli comes in and walks over to Legolas, they discuss their kills. Kalay ignores them until Gimli comes over and asks her, "I do not count how many I slay, as long as they remain dead I am satified."

We shrugs and walks off again to speak to Legolas.

Dawn comes and the Mark along with the remaining members of the fellowship prepare their attack. They burst forth with a volly of arrows and swinging swords. Their enemy begins to flee in their wake, or fall beneath their blades. When the battle finaly draws to a close the Mark discusses their next move, to Isengard. "I wish you would return to Edoras where it is safe," Legolas tells Kalay.

"No, I have gone this far, I will not turn my back on you now."

He is about to sy something more, but the look she gives hims him know she will no matter how much he refuses.

"Your heart is your own as well as your mind. As cold as you seem sometimes a fire burns deep inside that few will ever know."

With that he turns and walks away, she smiles as he walks off.

The Mark buries their own as best they can, but leaves the orc bodies to the carrion eaters. They mount their horse upon completing this task and ride toward Isengard, following Gandalf and Theoden. Kalay and Legolas ride close, with Gimli sharing Legolas' mount. Gimli goes on and on about the caves of Helm's Deep, Kalay ignoring him for the most part and Legolas telling him he would like not to visit them.

"What do you think Kalay?" asks Gimli. "I am not very fond of caves, considering my experiance with Moria. Were it my choice I woud not set a foot in another one."

Gimli humphs into his beard and looks away, Legolas only grins. They ride for several hours until they come to a strange wood, Gandalf leads them in, much to the fright of many. All feel eyes upon them, but no one can be seen. Shivers run up many spines and the horses act fidgety.

"We will camp here tonight," Gandalf announces.

The men grumble but begin to set up camp and watches.

Kalay ties Legolas' and her horses up while he sets up a spot for them. She returns to see Gimli, attepting to ignore his presense she fixes them something to eat, but doesn't speak to him.

Legolas notices this and makes a mental note to talk with her later. They eat in peace, though they still feel as if they are being watched. When they finnish most settle in for a much needed rest or for their turn at watch. Kalay finds a safe feeling spot and lies down looking into the trees, her eyelids droop and she barely stays awake long enough to see Legolas settle in beside her.

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