An Equation For Vengeance
Author: Banfennid
THE OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: sigh. why do we even bother? like any of us would EVER attempt to claim middle-earth and all its glorious inhabitants for ourselves. oh well, here goes... the only things in this fic that belong to me are Dolenheruiel and Ringrūnion. everything else belongs to either the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien or New Line Pictures. so sod off!
SPOILERS: there is going to be enough spoil in here to make you rot if you're not careful, so read the books already, goshdurnit!
RATING: the rating of each chapter shall be in the subject of each individual post. read at your own risk.
A WORD ON THE TEXT: the purpose of this fic, along with its various and sundry sequels (one of which you can already read), is my attempt to place a strong, powerful female character in Tolkien's universe and see where she takes me. while writing "A Grief Observed," Legolas appeared to me as the best canon character to explore many of her themes through, so much of this has become from his point of view. it might seem that Dolenherueil is a Mary Sue of sorts, but i hope that you will read her as much more than that.
i also have taken the liberty of picking and choosing between book canon and movie canon, but with the exception of D & R, there is not much of an AU to be had in this fic. everything middle-earth specific, i hope, is based on a researched fact or was never specified by Tolkien or PJ to my satisfaction. but, as much as i hate to admit it, i am human, so if you spot anything, let know ASAP so i can fix it and make sure it doesn't pop up as part on a plot bunny in the next chapters.
as always, feedback will be greatly appreciated and, given the start of the new semester this week, necessary to keep me from neglecting the unwritten chapters. so, if you want more, better let me know. otherwise, i'll finish it at my own leisure and hoard it on my hard drive. ;)

Part 1 - The Matchmaker's Apprentice

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