A Heart's Desire: Part II
by Bonnie a.k.a. Artemis

Boromir looked around in a panic, wondering if the elf had seen him in his act. He could not see him anywhere. But that did not mean that Legolas was not there. Boromir took a few steps forward and then saw the elf standing silently with his back turned towards Boromir.

Legolas knew Boromir was behind him. He could hear things that no mortal man could hear. Boromir swallowed hard and then approached the elf. “Legolas?”

“Boromir, friend, where were you?” Legolas said not turning, and scanning the landscape before his keen blue eyes.

“I thought I heard a noise, a few paces off. I wanted to make sure it was nothing.”

“You should not wander alone out here, friend.” The elf said, and he turned to face Boromir. His heart caught in his throat. He looked even more beautiful awake in the silver moonlight. “If you need help, then wake us. We are all in this together. Now go take your rest, I will keep watch for a few more hours and then we will depart.” He stepped forward and put his hand on Boromir’s shoulder. He froze at the elf’s touch. He wanted to grab him right there and take Legolas in his arms. But all Boromir did was nod and then went back to the camp to take some sleep.

He lay down but sleep was a long time coming.


The company departed and then made there way to the woods of Lothlorien. They were still weary even after the short break. They soon reached the boarders of the Golden Wood.

Gimli was reluctant to go in, but Aragorn persuaded him. The made their way in. Legolas breathed in the air and took in the beauty of his kin's wood. He could feel the power of the elves at work here, and his heart grew lighter. The hobbits were also glad to be in more friendly territory.

Hours past, they could not tell how many for sure. They passed through the Sliverlode stream and the healing waters lifted their hearts more. Legolas and Aragorn were at the lead. Darkness was dawning on the light of day and Frodo and the others needed rest.

Aragorn was reluctant but they set camp up under a small mallorn tree. They ate a light supper and before they could settle down they heard a noise they feared would come upon them. Orcs. They were far off but too close for their liking. They hid behind the trees and kept close watch. Legolas’ keen eyes and ears told them that the company of orcs had passed, but they should be on guard. Just as they were about to settle down again another surprise came on them.

Before they all knew it they were surrounded by elves with their bows pulled and ready to fire if need be. One of the elves stepped forward. Aragorn and Legolas knew this was Haldir. One of the high elves of Lorien.

“What business do you have in the Golden Wood?” He said smoothly.

“Haldir of Lorien, we are in need of your protection.” Aragorn said. “We have come far and orcs are about. Will you not help us?”

Haldir looked from Aragorn to Legolas then to the rest of the company. “A dwarf is not allowed in the realm of the Lady of the Wood. It is forbidden.” Gimli gave a gruff snort and was about to say something but Aragorn made him hold his tongue.

“I will vouch for him Haldir of Lorien. He has aided us much in our journey and must seek protection.” Legolas said. Haldir looked at him with a mild surprise. He looked hard at the fellow elf before his eyes.

“Very well, Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood. Take rest while you may. Elves are currently hunting the company of orcs that had passed by here not long ago. Orcs in Lothlorien is a grievous thing. The Lady will be very saddened. My brothers and I will keep watch.”

The Fellowship made a small camp, comforted that they were well protected. The hobbits were put high up into the trees for their protection. Much to Sam and the others disliking. Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir and Gimli remained on the ground. Aragorn and Legolas went off with Haldir and a few other elves to speak. Boromir and Gimli quickly fell into sleep. After an hour Legolas and Aragorn returned.

Boromir was restless. He had not felt so weary, yet so awake. His mind racing. His dreams troubled him, yet pleased him at the same time.


They were in a beautiful room in Rivendell. The sun poured into the room lighting it up and making it seem even more beautiful. Boromir stood in the middle looking at a huge bed, with silk covers on it and flower petals.

He looked around and saw a silk robe on the back of a near by chair. He walked over to it and let the material slip between his fingers. This robe was meant for him. Slipping off his leather vest and tunic, Boromir undressed. He took off his boots, belt and his pants. He stood naked for a moment in the beautiful sunlight. It touched all his features and bathed his body in a beautiful golden glow.

He slipped the robe on but then he heard something behind him. He whipped around and saw that it was, Legolas, in nothing but his leggings. The elf, walked quietly over to him, but he had a coy, sly smile spread over his lips. The sun poured onto his fritters making him seem like a golden god.

Boromir could not breath. His heart was racing and his mind unclear. He had never seen before, beauty like this. Legolas stopped before him and smiled.

Boromir was about to speak but the elf just said “Shhhhhhh.” And he ran his finger over Boromir’s lips. The warrior and son of Gondor took a deep breath and moaned softly. He looked into Legolas’ eyes. The elf pulled his face forward and pressed his lips to his. The soft kiss, quickly turned into a heated passion. Tongues touched and lips moved against one another. They broke it when they needed air.

Legolas planed kisses over Boromir’s face and ears. Slowly the elf ran his delicate yet powerful hands down his neck and slowly took the robe off his shoulders. Boromir just let it fall to the floor. He stood there in front of the elf. His erect penis told Legolas of his passion for him. Legolas looked down and saw this. A smile passed over his lips. He kissed Boromir on the lips once more and proceeded to kiss a trail down his neck shoulders and torso.

He came down to his hips and pressed light and teasing kisses all over his groin. Boromir could feel the passion rise with every moment. Legolas looked up and smiled again. Then he took, Boromir’s erection in his hands and began to plant teasing kisses all over the head.

The fire in him rose as the elf teased him. His breathing quickened and heart raced faster. Legolas stopped and rose again. “The bed, my love.” He said softly and he guided Boromir to the bed. He lay him down and stood before him. He removed his leggings and revealed to Boromir, his naked and beautiful body. Legolas smiled and Boromir looked at him with love and passion.

“Now, my love, now we will be one.” Legolas said softly as he slid his body on top of Boromir’s.


Boromir could feel someone shaking him. He woke with a start. Haldir was leaning over him. He looked from side to side. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli were all asleep.

“Shhhh. Come with me.” Haldir said in a soft whisper. Boromir obeyed. As he got up he realized the bulge in his pants from his erection, from his dream. Haldir paid no attention to it. He simply lead Boromir away from the others. Boromir could not see any other elves, but he knew that they had to be there.

After a few minutes Haldir stood at the foot of a beautiful mallorn tree. He looked at Boromir and motioned him to come closer.

“I know what it is you desire.” He said to Boromir. Boromir was shocked.

“But how do you-” he began.

“I could see it in your dream. You desire what so many desire. Legolas. I too know what it is like to live with that passion.”

Boromir stared at the silver elf in awe. “But why do you not tell him?”

“Because, his heart belongs to another. It would be folly to tell him now.” Haldir said with some bitterness and stepped up to Boromir. His beautiful features were that of all the elves. He put his hand on Boromir’s cheek. “Tell him if you want to Boromir. For I know if you do not let out this passion, desire will eat at your soul, and you will regret it.”

Boromir sighed. Haldir leaned forward and put his lips onto his.

Boromir pulled away in shock. He looked at the elf and the elf looked back to him. Haldir moved his hand down to Boromir’s erection. He caressed it with his fingers. Boromir let out a small moan and then gripped Haldir’s shoulder.

“Do you want me to do this for you?” Haldir whispered into Boromir’s ear.


Haldir gripped Boromir and shoved him up against the tree. His lips pressing onto Boromir’s. His hands still caressing and touching his hard erection. Soft moans of pleasure passed out of his lips, as Haldir teased and touched his body.

He could feel his belt being undone and his pants pulled down. He arched his hips forward. Haldir was in complete control. He took his hands and lightly touched his thighs, hips and groin. He then kissed where his fingers had been. Boromir was in agonizing pleasure. He could feel the passion grow with every second.

He then felt the lips of Haldir on the head of his penis. He let out a moan, as his tongue traced his penis as his lips put pressure all over him. Harder and harder and deeper he sucked and teased, until Boromir was almost beyond reason.

Finally Haldir let his mouth leave, and he stood up and kissed Boromir’s cheek. Haldir’s hands never leaving his erection. He skillfully moved his fingers and hand over it. Then Haldir pressed his lips to Boromir’s ear and with his free hand cradled his head. He whispered very softly into his ear.

“Now.” With that Boromir released, with a gasp and hoarse moan. His breathing coming in short gasps. Haldir caressed his hands over Boromir’s cheeks and looked hard into the mans eyes.

“Remember what I said about telling him. You will regret it if you do not. I can see that your heart will not tolerate much more of this.” And with that Haldir vanished off into the darkness leaving Boromir to make his way back to camp and back to the love he could not have.

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