A Heart's Desire: Part IV
by Bonnie a.k.a. Artemis

Boromir turned and ran down the path he had just came. He knew that Legolas’ heart belonged to another, but he never dreamed it to be Aragorn’s. He wondered around, playing the scene he just saw in his head over and over again. He didn’t know how to feel. Jealousy of his friend was there, but something else. Sadness? Excitement? He could not tell.

Finally he wondered into another part of the wood. It was just as beautiful as the next. He looked around and saw a figure away off, sitting under a tree. His white golden hair flowed down his shoulders and his eyes were shut. He seemed to be drinking in all the glory of Lorien. Haldir didn’t seem to move. Boromir turned to go, but he was too loud for the elf.

“I knew you were here, many moments before you came here, Boromir.” The elf smiled and got up. Silently walking over to Boromir, Haldir’s smile faded. “What is wrong friend? Your face and heart tell me not is all well.”

“It- it is nothing.” Boromir said trying to keep his true feelings hidden.

“Ah, nothing? Boromir, you cannot lie to me. I already know that something is not right. And I think I might know what it is. Please, friend, do not hide your heart.”

Boromir drew in a breath and the words slipped, shakily from his mouth, “I went to confront Legolas, but someone was with him...” He trailed off.

“I see. But why would this trouble you?”

“They- they were in the throws of passion.” His voice barely above a whisper, but he did not need to speak up, for Haldir’s sharp ears heard every word.

“So you saw his love then? You saw Aragorn making love to Legolas.” Boromir thought he heard some bitterness in Haldir’s tone. Haldir took his hand and placed it on his cheek. His words were spoken ever so softly.

“Whatever feeling you still have, you must tell him. Dark roads await you on your journey. Do not go with the guilt of not having telling him.”

“But how can I face him now- now that I have seen him with Aragorn?”

“You will find what courage you have. Do not worry. You are strong, Boromir. Trust me, and do not make the same mistake I have. Let your soul be free.” Haldir leaned forward and put his lips to Boromir’s. His soft kiss filled the warrior with warmth.

“He will be at that spring again tomorrow night. Let your mind rest until then. Then you may tell him how you feel.” Haldir smiled again and looked Boromir in the eye.

“Thank you, Haldir or Lorien.” Boromir said. He turned and then went back to the camp the Fellowship.


Night had drawn over the woods. The wind was warm and the moonlight glittered through the leaves of the mallorn. Boromir had kept quite and mostly to himself since yesterday. The hobbits were worried something was wrong.

He began his way up to the spring. His heart once again began to race with every step he took. He hoped that this time Legolas’ would be alone. The time it took him to make his way up there seem to last forever. Boromir knew what he was going to say, but the closer he got the farther the words seemed to slip back into his mind.

Finally he was there. He found that he was in the same spot where he has spotted Legolas and Aragorn. He looked out and saw that Legolas was there. Standing still as a statue. Boromir breathed in his elven beauty. His silver tunic shone in the moonlight and seemed to engulf him in a silver glow. Legolas’ back was turned to Boromir. He was just about to go out from the trees and bushes when Legolas started to undo his tunic. His graceful elven fingers undid the ties and he slipped his arms out of the sleeves. The cloth slipped down off his back, to reveal his beautiful muscles and arms.

Boromir’s heart once again stopped in its beat. He wanted to go forth to the elf, but his legs seemed like stone. He stood still as the earth itself.

Legolas then moved his hands to his belt on his pants, silently undoing them. He dropped it to the ground. Then he pulled down his pants and let them slip down his graceful, strong legs. He stood there his body nude, in the moonlight. Boromir drank in all his features and he could hardly take any more. But he still stood where he was.

Legolas moved forward to the edge of the spring. He dipped his left foot in the silver water. He then put his whole leg in. Slowly he submersed his whole body. The water barley rippled as Legolas bathed. No sound was made.

Boromir’s heart was racing faster and faster with each movement the elf made. He did not realize but his breathing was becoming more and more hard.

Legolas turned and slowly got out of the water. Sliver beads of it trickled down his body as he got out. His fair face and chest glimmered. His blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight. Boromir looked at him in awe. His eyes then fell onto Legolas’ penis. His eyes widened and he gave a silent gasp.

The elf went to his clothes on the forest floor. He was about to pick them up when all of sudden a voice said, “Legolas, mell?” It was Aragorn.

Boromir’s heart sank. He looked off to the right and saw Aragorn slowly walk to Legolas. He said something in elvish, that Boromir did not understand. Then Aragorn took Legolas’ face into his hands leaned over and kissed him passionately.

They parted and Legolas smiled. He touched Aragorn’s cheek. But then Legolas did something that Boromir did not expect. He looked directly at him.

“Boromir, do not be shy friend, come out of the trees. I have been waiting for you.” He gave a gasp and then moved out from his hiding spot.

“But-” he began.

“I knew you were there the whole time.” He said with a smile. “And I know why you have come here.”

“You did?” Boromir exclaimed. He looked hard into Legolas’ eyes, and his face flushed with the blood of his embarrassment.

“Do not worry friend, you need not be ashamed.” He looked to Aragorn and then back to him. He walked over to him and placed his hand like Haldir had done, on his cheek.

“I have seen some of your thoughts, Boromir, and know that your heart desires me. Aragorn knows this too. The fact is Boromir, I have too desired you, but the fear of hurting Aragorn has kept my heart at bay.” Boromir could hardly believe the words that were being spoken to him.

“Boromir,” Aragorn said, “your love for Legolas, has made me realize that I must accept the fact that Legolas can love another. But what he and I have, has lasted long years. I give him what he needs and he gives me what I need. I am not angry, nor envious of you friend. I am happy for you.”

Boromir choked back the gasp in his throat and all he muttered was, “Thank you, Aragorn.”

Legolas looked into his eyes and then smiled. “I have wanted to do this for a long time my friend.” He leaned in and put his lips to the warrior of Gondor. As his lips touched, Boromir’s eyes widened and he seemed as if he was in another world. Suddenly he found that he was kissing Legolas back, fervently and passionately. He felt as if a great toil and weight had been lifted off him.

He touched Legolas’ tongue with his and their lips were moving against each other. The parted and Legolas looked into Boromir’s eyes. Nothing anyone could hear was said, but it was understood.

Aragorn stood beside Legolas, and had stripped all his clothes off his body. He put his lips to his and gave him a small kiss. He moved behind Boromir and kissed the back of his neck lightly. Legolas moved in on Boromir and stared to kiss him with such passion. Boromir did the same. He felt Aragorn's hands on his back and then lifting his tunic off him. His bare chest and back was covered in a light sweat from the sudden passion.

Legolas covered his face with kisses and small licks. Boromir felt Aragorn strip his pants and boots off of him. He did not care. He could feel his erection rise and his blood boil. Next thing he felt was the hands of Aragorn trace up his sides and move across his back. His lips touched his neck and he let out a small moan of pleasure. Legolas took his hand and moved it around Aragorn’s neck as he kissed up and down Boromir’s shoulders and neck.

Fingers caressed, touched and ignited passion within the two men and elf. Legolas pressed himself harder to Boromir and he could feel the elf's erection press into him. He sighed and his hands moved down the elf's groin. He rubbed and traced his hands over the elf's lower body.

Aragorn and Legolas kissed each other just as fervently over Boromir’s shoulder as they teased his body with their soft touches and caresses. Aragorn slowly rubbed his groin and erection against Boromir’s lower back and hips.

He threw his head back into Aragorn’s shoulder as he did this. Aragorn kissed his jaw and neck hard, and moved his lips over his ear. Then their lips met and Boromir tongue licked and traced his.

Legolas kissed and moved down Boromir’s chest. He sucked on his nipples and teased them. Then making his way down to the hard penis. Legolas put his lips to the head and slowly sucked. He took more and more in. Boromir gave out a moan and heavy sigh, and Aragorn kissed him more fervently.

They were covered in sweat, and each movement seemed to make their passion grow. Aragorn kissed Boromir’s back and shoulders and then moved his hands around and started caressing Boromir’s balls with his hands. Legolas sucked and took more of Boromir in each time. He was crying out in gasps of pleasure and ecstasy.

Then Aragorn moved around to Boromir’s side and held Legolas’ head still.

“Lie down on the grass my love.” He whispered. Legolas took the erect penis out of his mouth and obeyed. Boromir sighed again. Aragorn moved in front of Boromir and began kissing and caressing him. Boromir moved his hands down to Aragorn’s erection and started to stroke it with his hands. He broke his kiss and moaned and looked into Boromir’s eyes and let him kiss his face.

Legolas looked at the two men, in passion, as he laid sprawled on the grass. He could hardly take the sight the filled his eyes. Taking his penis his hands he began stroking himself as he watched the two men. Moans rose out of his throat. Aragorn heard this and turned to him.

“Not yet, love. Boromir,” he then moved him in front of Legolas, “take Legolas.”

Boromir got down onto his knees and then laid over the elf. They kissed and kissed. Their hair tangling. White gold mixed with a red-brown. Boromir then gave a loud moan as he felt his climax coming.

“Boromir,” Legolas, whispered, “enter me, please.” With this Boromir could not refuse. He parted Legolas’ legs and then positioned his hips. Aragorn came up from behind and handed him a small flask full of sweet scented oil. Boromir rubbed this on him. He entered Legolas’ body. He could hardly contain himself from coming. Legolas’ eyes were shut and his mouth opened.

Boromir could feel Aragorn’s mouth kiss his back. He started to rock back an forth in Legolas. The water from the spring, sweat, pre cum and oil made it easy for him to move in and out of the elf. He rocked back and forth slowly but faster and faster. Then Boromir let out loud moan, and felt head of Aragorn's erection. Aragorn had entered Boromir. He began the same rhythm that they had.

The three were one. They moaned and cried out as the passion quickly rose. Kisses started to hurt, but they were full of passion.

Then with a loud cry and gasp filled the small spring. Boromir had released. He cried out again and again as Aragorn still continued his rhythm. Then Legolas and Aragorn gave out a cry as they both came.

Heavy breathing and moans escaped all their lips and souls. Boromir lay beside Legolas and continued to kiss him lightly. Aragorn traced the elf's chest and muscles with his fingers.

Boromir remembered ever detail of that evening. His heart was lighter and more cheerful, despite the doom that awaited them all.

For the next three night the two men and elf, met at the spring. Each was more and more special then the next. But one night Boromir came to find Legolas alone.

“Where is Aragorn?”

“He will not be with us tonight, my love.”

Legolas moved towards Boromir. “Tonight it will be just you and me.” He smiled and traced his fingers along Boromir’s lips. Then they kissed. That night he and Legolas alone, they were truly one.

The End

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