A Secret Untold: Part V by: Thalisirwen

I awoke to the creak of the floorboards as someone crept silently into my room. Seeing a figure silhouetted by the moonlight flooding in the window, I reached for my sword. But it was not there. Before I could move, the figure came towards me without making a sound, and climbed onto the foot of the bed, creeping up the sheets towards me, crawling across my body as I lay there, unable to move. A soft hand caressed my cheek, and a voice whispered my name. "Aragorn..."

My eyed widened as I recognised the voice almost instantly. "Legolas?!" I said incredulously. Could this be true? The elven prince had come to me. "Shhhhh..." He spoke softly, leaning in close to me. I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes, mesmerised, hypnotised, spellbound. All I was able to do was lie there and stare at his angelic face, as he stared back, searching with those bewitching eyes, searching my face, penetrating my soul, before slowly and gently bringing his soft lips to mine, caressing my lips with his own before slipping his sweet-tasting tongue inside my mouth, exploring every part of it, until I pushed mine into his and a battle of tongues took place.

Before I knew it, both of us had shed our clothes like a snake sheds it skin, his flawless body looked like alabaster in the glow of the moon. Still kissing and caressing my face, the elf moved a hand underneath the sheets. "*Aragorn?!*" a saddened, almost hysterical voice broke us out of our passionate frenzy. Looking up, I saw Arwen in the doorway. Oh Arwen! Please no! I cried out aloud when I saw her standing there in her nightclothes, tears streaming down her face. Another elf entered the room, carrying a candlestick and a sword. Arwen turned and ran to him, sobbing into his robes. Elrond.

The older elf frowned angrily at me. "Get out," he yelled at Legolas, who ran, grabbing his clothes on the way out the door. Gently pushing Arwen outside, he closed the door and advanced on me. Grasping his sword, he raised it and...

"No!" I woke up drenched in a cold sweat. I looked about the darkened room wildly, Legolas? Elrond? Arwen? None were here. "Just a dream," I reassured myself. But I couldn't sleep again, not after that nightmare. My sheets were drenched in sweat, as were my clothes. Climbing out of the bed, I reached over to the chair where my day clothes lay and pulled them on. I wasn't going to sleep, this room was making me feel trapped, and I felt terrible. Leaving my stifling room, I went outside hoping I would feel well again soon.

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