A Secret Untold: Part XIII by: Thalisirwen

Legolas was in a circle of Orcs. The foul creatures stood around him, brandishing their weapons and laughing at him. Bodies littered the ground where the elf had put up a fight. None of his blood had been spilt, but I knew if I did not take action soon it would be. I watched, anticipating my move. Legolas was down to one arrow, the one in his bow. I could see the tension in his back as he stood motionless amongst the disgusting beings. A foolish orc took the smallest step forward...and in an instant fell to the ground, an arrow piercing its chest. In the blink of an eye, the scene changed dramatically. The remainder of the orcs had set upon my prince, and he had his knives in his hand. He slashed at one creature, and a stream of black blood oozed from the wound before it fell down. But Legolas was struggling. There were too many of them. It was my move. Drawing my sword, I rode towards the group, swinging my weapon around and shouting at the Orcs. Almost immediately they tried to attack me, leaving Legolas only a few to deal with. Slashing at my enemies, I heard animalistic screams as the prince's knives found their target in the bodies of orcs, and the sound of metal upon metal. Trying to jump behind me onto the horse, a very stupid orc was kicked by my steed and fell to the ground with a broken neck. The horse neighed triumphantly as its rear feet landed back on the ground, and ran around the group of orcs whilst I continued to stab and slash my way through them.

There were few orcs left now. Some had run away, others had fallen, dead or injured.

Jumping from my horse, I decided to fight the rest on foot. A large beastly orc stepped towards me menacingly, drawing a long black sword that looked dull even in the moonlight. Swiping at me, I ducked, and stabbed back, my sword digging into its stomach. But as I pulled it back, the orc grabbed for it, and blood oozing through its fingers, grinned at me garishly. What was it doing? Catching me off guard, the foul being swung its leg out and tripped me. As I fell to the ground with a thud, the orc somehow wrestled my blade from me, and tossed it aside. "Die now, human!" it spoke roughly as it raised its sword. Suddenly an arrow shot through the air and plunged itself into the orcs head, piercing through the skull. The orc stood for a moment, then began to topple towards me. Rolling out of the way, the poisoned blade it held missed by inches. I looked up. Legolas stood there with his bow still raised, his hair blowing slightly in the breeze. I sighed with relief and pulled myself up. "Thank you, Legolas. I owe you my life. But why did you..." I stopped as I saw something behind him "Legolas, look out!" he dodged aside just as the blackened blade of the axe swung towards him. Then as if in slow motion I saw the blade hit his arm, and he cried out in pain as he fell to the ground. Grabbing for my sword, I dashed forward and thrust it into the orc just as it raised its axe one more time. It fell to the ground with a crash, my sword sticking into it.

Crouching down, I bent over Legolas, cradling his head in my hands. "Looks like the debt has been repaid," he forced a smile, but winced in pain as he tried to get up, and fell back. "Stay still," I ordered, looking at the wound. Blood was seeping through his clothes, and he was beginning to turn a strange colour. Jumping up I pried the axe from the fingers of the dead orc, and examined the head. Poisoned. .

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