A Secret Untold: Part XX by: Thalisirwen

I had awoken again in the cave. I was lying on my back and Aragorn was bending over me, almost like an angelic saviour, the blurred light coming from the tunnel behind him looked almost like a halo. Asking where I was, he told me that he'd explain later, and helped me up, and out of the tunnel. I was glad to have him there; he was the one person I wished to see the most, and strong feelings aside, without him I could not have walked that tunnel. When we finally reached the end, we went outside into sunlight, and I instantly felt revitalised as the suns rays warmed my skin. Strength returning, I walked around on the grass, the scent of the freshness of the earth mingling with the masculine scent of the ranger.

Turing to Aragorn, I asked what we were to do now.

Quickly he explained orders that Elrond had given him. " Take my hand, and close your eyes. Whatever you do, don't open your eyes again until you hear Elrond's voice or until I tell you to, not matter what happens. And don't let go of my hand until you open your eyes," he spoke a little shyly as he spoke of us holding hands, his cheeks looking slightly red, and tried to cover it up with an air of determination. But I trusted him more than I trusted my own father. If Aragorn knew what he was doing, all would be well. Elrond was one of the wisest elves I'd met; Aragorn would not be doing this if Elrond had not bid it happen. Carrying out Elrond's instructions, I should worry about little; for they would surely work. Yet I still worried for Aragorn's safety. The horrible creature in the cave had not been there when we left, and I feared that it might return - either alone or with others of its kind. My cheeks reddening, I coyly reached for Aragorn's warm hand, holding it tightly and feeling a pleasant little shiver run down my spine as our skin made contact. I closed my eyes, taking a breath of the sweet earth-smell around us. Then I listened as he began to chant words that confused me a little, words about souls and hearts. Where were we? I almost asked, but was stopped as I suddenly felt myself lifted from the ground by some unseen force.

feeling completely weightless I nearly opened my eyes, remembering Aragorn's warning just in time. Feeling his had tighten around mine, I gripped his even tighter, afraid that we might be torn apart by this force lifting us so high. My heart was pounding inside me and I felt as if my whole body was vibrating as my head spun. I started to fall completely unexpectedly, still gripping onto Aragorn's hand for dear life. The weight returned to my body as we fell faster, finally landing on something soft and padded.

A familiar voice called out in the blackness, "Legolas? Legolas, If you can hear me, open your eyes." The voice spoke gently but had a tone that suggested it was an order rather than a request.

Opening my eyes, I stared up into the face that the voice belonged to.

"Lord Elrond," I breathed a sigh of relief, grateful to see another familiar face, and the well-known surroundings of his residence. I looked around. Daylight flooded through the orange drapes hanging at the window. Aragorn lay beside me, breathing heavily and looking very tired and strained.

"Glad to see you awake," Elrond said to me, before turning to Aragorn, who was trying to get up. "You stay there until your breath returns and your heart slows again," he ordered him, pushing the man back down. Aragorn nodded and sank into the pillows.

Giving me a friendly smile, Elrond left, saying he would return in a while to see how we were doing.

Aragorn and I lay side by side for a while, both still quite breathless from our strange ordeal. I realised we were still clutching each others hand, but didn't say anything to him for fear of how he might react. I was already feeling awkward. Deep in thought, I stared at the ceiling trying not to look at Aragorn and hoping he would not see the colour in my cheeks. Where had we been? I could not remember much since I awoke in that strange cave after being caught by the terrible Orcs...something that would haunt my dreams for a long time. It felt good to be back in familiar surroundings, in good company...but felt all too weird lying next to Aragorn. Of course, it was completely innocent. But it still felt as if some kind of connection had been made between us, some sort of otherworldly bond.

Catching his breath, he turned his head and looked at me. "Its good to have you back, Legolas," he said. As he sat up, he noticed that we still gripped each others hands firmly, and pulled away, staring at his feet and looking slightly embarrassed.

"My heart feels lighter for being in better company my friend," I replied. He smiled down at me, then sighed heavily. "Legolas, there's something I have to tell you..."


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