The Chronicles of Lavelynne : Part V
by Kelly


I do not remember how long I sat on a rock by a small stream crying and thinking. I remember staring out into the running water, wishing I could float away like the many leaves that were upon it.

"You hurt him." I scrambled around to see who was behind me, nearly falling into the stream in the process. It was my old friend, Gandalf.

He was leaning against a tree, looking at me with a quelling expression and smoking his long pipe. He seemed to have been standing there for some time.

"Well he hurt ME!" I yelled loudly at the wizard. "He's the one who did this! He's the one! He's l-l-leaving me!"

I had made a rule when I was young, never to cry in front of my elders. I broke that rule now. I started to bawl.

Gandalf quickly strode over to me and put an arm around my shoulders.

"Lavelynne. My dear, I have known you from a child and understand how you feel. But the only way to feel better is to speak to Legolas. He was very upset that you left him. He wants to speak with you; will you now come back to the House with me and do so?" Gandalf questioned

"I will go back, but I do not wish to speak with Legolas tonight. Perhaps tomorrow." I averted my gaze.

"Yes, well." The wizard replied gruffly. It was clear he wasn't happy with my decision. "Take my cloak then, for the evening grows cold and I'm sure you do, too."

Thankfully, I wrapped the old, gray cloak around me as I followed Gandalf back to the House.

"Remember, however, Lavelynne, the Fellowship leaves the day after tomorrow. You do not have unlimited time." Gandalf quietly said as we walked up the steps. Legolas was waiting at the top.

When he met my eyes, I turned away. I would not speak to him.


The next morning dawned cool and rainy. The angry gray clouds and driving rains seemed to reflect my feelings. "I know how you feel." I grumbled out my window to the clouds.

This meant, however, that I was trapped inside…with Legolas.

I ignored him at breakfast and even when he tried to speak with me afterwards. Looking back, I was very foolish. He could have gone on and forgotten me. Fortunately, my sharp ears intervened.

Back in my chamber I again stared out the window. I heard some shouting, I could barely make it out over the driving rain, but I did hear it. Going to the window I saw Legolas standing in the rain holding his horse Tantanna. He looked ready to leave. Tantanna's ears were flat back on her head, it was clear he disliked the rain.

I heard Legolas yell to another, it sounded like Eguliph.

"I'm just going out to be alone for a while! To think!" he yelled, mounting his horse.

"What about Lavelynne?" Eguliph replied.

"She doesn't want anything to do with me! That's why I must go to think. Tell anyone who asks that I will be back this evening!" Legolas clucked to Tantanna and the gray mare reluctantly headed out into the wet, rainy forest.

I watched him go. My heart said to follow, but my feet would not move. That is, they wouldn't move until I heard the howl.

"Wolves! This close to Rivendell?" I knew the howl was unmistakable; wolves were out there. Not to close, for they cold not enter the threshold of the city, but perhaps just across the Ford.

Worse yet, I knew Legolas could not of heard the howl, for he was in the midst of the storm and had not my keen ears.

I thought about going to father first, but then I realized that Legolas was heading to the River. The wolves would ambush him if he crossed.

I forgot about my anger and ran, pushing past anyone in my way, out into the rain. "Urios! Urios! Come here!" The young golden stallion seemed perplexed at having to be ridden in the rain. He shook his head in an annoyed fashion as I mounted.

Urios sensed my urgency and did not wait for a signal. He galloped off, splashing mud everywhere, hot on Tantanna's trail. No one even knew I had gone.

I heard another howl son after departing. Urios stopped dead, frozen with fear. I pushed him on with my legs. He was reluctant, but did as I asked. We were almost to the Ford.

Galloping up to the Ford I looked out across the expanse of water. Visibility was poor, but I could still see enough to make out a gray horse crossing the River.

"Legolas! Wolves! Don't cross! Please listen!" I yelled at the Elf.

Legolas twisted around on Tantanna's back to face me. "What are YOU doing here?" he asked, surprise evident in his voice.

"WOLVES!" I yelled, trotting Urios up to Tantanna's just as another piercing howl caught on the wind.

Legolas heard this one. He whipped out an arrow and held it at the ready in his bow.

Unfortunately, that was all the young Urios could take. He reared and bucked. I could neither hang onto the wet mane nor the slick back. I flew straight over Urios's head and onto the facing bank. Then he fled back to Rivendell.

There I lay, hurt and only semi-conscious. I heard growls all around me. Looking up, and yet fearing what I might see, I counted ten dark shapes circling around me.

The wolves had come.

One stepped out of the shadow and into my line of vision. I froze.

The Wolf snarled, curling his lip up in hatred. He gathered his powerful haunches and prepared to leap upon me. His pack whined in anticipation. I closed my eyes and prepared for death, wishing I had told Legolas that I was sorry.

Just as the Wolf began to jump I heard a scream. The Wolf-Leader lay on the ground, pierced in the heart by an arrow. An arrow inlaid with silver and red, carved of wood.

Legolas. I had forgotten he was there.

The rest of the Wolves did not flee, instead they snarled in rage. Before they had time to attack Legolas hit two more with arrows and rode up to me. His bow still ready, he motioned for me to climb onto Tantanna. I heard more growls in the woods.

"How many are there?" I asked breathlessly, my head spinning as I tried to stand.

"Enough to kill you, me, and Tantanna without breaking a sweat." He answered coolly. "Are you hurt?"

"I'm dizzy, I can't stand either, my ankle." Tears mingled with the rain as I realized the danger I had just put both myself and Legolas in.

Legolas slid off Tantanna and slapped her rear. "Go Girl! Go get help!" The mare galloped off back to Rivendell.

It didn't take me long to figure out that without help, we were going to die.

My hurt ankle would not allow me to walk, so I couldn't cross the Ford and to safety. Legolas couldn't carry me for the moment he put his bow down the Wolves would be upon us. The Wolves knew this. One licked his lips expectantly.

Legolas shot more arrows, killing more Wolves. Still, no matter how many he managed to saly, more kept coming. With his last arrows, Legolas protected me.

With his arrows spent, he quickly said to me "I love you, I'm sorry."

I nodded. "I'm sorry to. I guess it ends now."

Then the help arrived.

Boromir and Aragorn had both seen Urios gallop back, riderless, followed my Tantanna. They had immediately headed out. It didn't take long for them to kill many Wolves.

Aragorn handed Legolas new arrows. "Time to show the Wolves why you are to be feared, Legolas!" he laughed, drawing his sword.

Boromir galloped his horse up to me and swung me onto it's back. "Go on! Get up!" he yelled to the horse, telling it to head back to Rivendell. He too, drew a long sword and began to fight. I held onto his horse's mane as it galloped back home.

There my father who immediately wrapped me in a blanket greeted me. I hadn't realized that I was so wet and so cold.

"Wolves." I said tiredly. "They attacked. I wanted to save Legolas, but saved me. My ankle…Urios…." I tried to explain.

Elrond silenced me. "I know. I know. Don't worry; those three will kill the Wolves. Sauron must truly be regaining power if Wolves are this close to Rivendell." He shook his head. "You will catch cold. To bed with you."


I woke up that evening and was greeted by the three who had saved me. Boromir was leaning against a wall, smiling. Aragorn sat at the foot of the bed, pleased to see me awake. Legolas stood from his position beside me.

"That was quite a fall you had! Luckily your ankle was not hurt badly. You can even walk on it now!" Aragorn said.

"We killed all the Wolves. But you must have guessed that. We'll leave you alone now." Boromir winked at Legolas as he and Aragorn exited the room.

I looked up at Legolas and smiled shyly. "I'm so sorry. I did all of this. I caused it. I put many in danger."

"Don't worry. If Wolves are the only thing we meet on our Quest then we'll be very glad indeed." Legolas said, reminding me of the dreaded Quest.

"You leave tomorrow, then?" I asked sadly, knowing the answer.

Legolas smiled softly and tugged playfully at my white-blond hair, which was now tangled beyond belief and dirty with mud. "You know the answer, I think."

I sighed. "I know. But why did you do that Legolas? I thought…I thought we'd get to know each other more, you know, you could stay at Rivendell for a while, and now you are leaving on a Quest?"

"The Quest is for the good of Middle Earth and all Elves, I could not live with myself if I did not help." He explained quietly.

"And if you die? What then? What happens to us, what happens to our future, if…if…you..." I started to cry then, the tears rolled openly from my misty gray eyes.

Legolas pulled me to my feet and touched my face gently. He brushed my white-blond hair out of my eyes and wiped my tears off my cheeks. He gazed deeply at me. "Do not think such things! I know not what lays ahead on this Quest, but I do know that I will return to you! I promise you that!"

I leaned into his open arms and allowed him to hold me, rocking me gently. I sobbed quietly for a while, my head buried in Legolas's neck. He held me, the way I had always wished to be held, and let me cry. When all my tears were gone, he kissed me gently, sweetly, and whispered, "I know you're worried. But don't be. Just get rest and promise me you'll be there tomorrow to see me off. I shan't be able to live if you did not say goodbye."

"Of course I will! I would not let my Prince leave without a goodbye." I smiled up at Legolas's handsome face. Tucking his fine blond hair behind his ears, I sat up and kissed him.

Forever it seems we held the embrace, and yet, forever was too soon to let go. I lay back down and Legolas held my hand tightly in his own until I had drifted off.


I got up very early the next morning, for I wanted to look more beautiful than ever for Legolas.

I took a long bath, washing my hair carefully. As I waited for my long locks to dry I picked out a dress.

I decided on the deep blue, silken one. It was very long, in fact it dragged on the ground and formed a silken puddle of blue around my feet. It had a deep V-neck that was trimmed with gold. I loved the way it looked on me.

Then I brushed my hair. It fell to mid-back and lay in gentle, natural waves. I had always thought it was horrible and ugly, but now I realized that the incredibly fair color was actually beautiful. It seemed to glow in the dim room.

As a final touch I slipped my small circlet of silver, braided into an intricate pattern, onto my hair. I was ready, ready to say goodbye.

Walking down the stairs, I took my time. I thought of all the times Legolas and I had shared. All the talks, hugs and kisses. I now realized that even though I would miss him, my life would go on and I would live on memories until he returned.

I walked outside. The Fellowship stood, preparing to leave, with their backs to me. Sam turned first and gasped, dropping his pack. "Save me! Is that really YOU Miss Lavelynne?"

I laughed. "Yes Samwise. I have come to see the Fellowship off," I said, adding "as promised." When Legolas turned around.

He smiled happily and ran to me.

"Lynnie!" He grabbed me and gave me a quick kiss. I saw Pippin exchange a wink with Merry at this.

I grinned. "Yes, I have come to say goodbye to all the Fellowship."

"Goodbye, Aragorn son of Arathorn. May you be as helpful to the Fellowship as you have been to the House of Elrond. Good luck."

"Goodbye, Boromir. I pray you fight well for Gondor and all of Middle Earth."

"Goodbye, Gimli. May you serve the Fellowship well and may your axe be strong."

"Goodbye my little friends." I said to the Hobbits. "This is perhaps the biggest adventure any of your kind has ever been on. Be brave and obey the others." I gave a plaintive look at Merry and Pippin when I said that. "May your garden be full when you return Master Samwise." I winked at Sam, making him blush. "Goodbye Frodo. I do not know what to tell you, except that you have more in you then you think."

"Goodbye Gandalf. My old friend, I hope that you serve the Fellowship well, and return to me with many tales."

I smiled at all of them. "I…I…"

Gandalf knew where my mind was. "Go on Lavelynne, give Legolas your private goodbye! We can wait!" The wizard waggled his eyebrows at me.

I grinned as I pulled Legolas into the garden. We walked a bit away from the group.

I sat for a moment, taking in every detail of Legolas's handsome face and figure. He did the same to me.

"You are so beautiful today, your memory will keep me going when all other hope is gone." He told me.

"As yours will me. I love you Legolas. Please stay safe and remember me."

Legolas touched my face, his hand was warm. `I have something for you." He told me shyly, pulling a tiny box out of his pocket.

He handed it to me. I was stunned.

"Well, open it!" he said excitedly.

I opened the box and pulled out a necklace. On a long silver chain hung a jewel. It was a bright silver and red and it seemed to shine with a light of its own.

"Oh!" I didn't know what to say.

"It's a silver emerald of Mirkwood. They are very rare; most of the emeralds there are green. Sometimes someone finds one of these, the silver and red variety, the colors of the King. Some say these special stones hold a type of magic. They say if you split one in two pieces you can communicate with the holder of the sister piece." Legolas explained.

I looked up at him. "Let me guess, this is one piece and you have the sister!"

"Correct. Now we will never be separated. But I must warn you. You can only use it when you HAVE to. This stone is the only one found so far that you can communicate words with; usually you can only send feelings. But this stone is also dangerous, it was split into three pieces and the third was lost. There is no telling who has it, so do not use the stone unless you have to." He looked serious.

I nodded. "I will only use it when I feel I am dying of loneliness, and then I will always be brief. But now it is time for me to give you a gift."

Legolas smiled, he did not expect a gift.

I smiled back and kissed him. He immediately put his arms around me and pulled me closer. I put my arms around his neck.

"Mister Legolas, sir?" a voice called shyly. "Begging your pardon sir, sorry to interrupt sir, but Gandalf says we best be off."

Legolas broke off the kiss and turned around. Sam stood there looking embarrassed.

"Alright Sam, I'm coming." Legolas squeezed my hand. "And so I must go. I love you Lavelynne, don't forget that.

"I won't as long as you remember that I love you as well."

I followed Legolas and Sam out of the garden. The group smiled at seeing us. Gandalf stood up and nodded at Aragorn.

They were off.

After Elrond's blessing they nine walkers headed up the small dirt road that led into the wild country.

I watched until Legolas was but a dot on the horizon.

As I turned to go inside, the little silver and red jewel glowed bright on it's chain.

"Namarie" it seemed to whisper to me. "Namarie"

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