Faded Ashes
by Jules
Rating - PG
Summery - A terrible fire destroys Mirkwood and the Silvan Elves. All except one are lost, how will he survive?
Disclaimer - Tolkein owns everything Lord of the Ringsish! The plot, is entirely my own.
Authors Notes - Those that are close to me know that I was recently forced to defend my home during the fires of Black Christmas in Sydney Australia. Call it a form of therapy, but this is just my mind working out all the issues I still have with fires. Also I've seriously deviated from the books/movies. Here after the ring is destroyed Legolas is escorted back to Mirkwood by Aragorn and Gimli, where he rejoins his people and they continue home to theirs. This takes place shortly afterwoods.
Dedication - Sonbon, Camster, Katie, the Ratpak gals, Leemonster, Frank, and the firefighters who helped me protect my home. WE LOVE FIREYS!
Archive - yes, but tell me where and leave my name on it!
Feedback - much appreciated to yunadax@bigpond.com

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