The Fellowship: Part II
by Kris

Aragorn looked at the spot where Kristiel had been. She had changed little since he had last seen her, which had been nearly a year ago. Her visits were usually once or twice a year, and greatly looked forward to by his beloved, Arwen. Despite not seeing each other often, the two women were the best of friends. Probably because they shared one main thing in common. They were both half- elves. Everyone knew about that with Arwen, but few knew about it with Kris. Aragorn was one of those few. Elrond also knew, and, of course, so did Gandalf and Arwen.

Looking over when he felt a gaze on him, Aragorn saw Legolas eyeing him. The elf had a question in his eyes, to which Aragorn answered with a subtle shake of his head. The question wasn't his to answer. Legolas gave a nod to show that he understood.

Aragorn turned his attention back to the scene in front of him, and saw Frodo Baggins, the young Hobbit in charge of the One Ring, putting said ring on a gold chain, and then placing the chain around his neck. The hobbit tucked it beneath his shirt, and Aragorn agreed with the move. Out of sight was out of mind. Boromir, the other human in the Fellowship, had shown signs earlier of being tempted by the ring. If he couldn't see the ring, then he wouldn't think about trying to steal it from Frodo.

The council meeting broke up, everyone going off in different directions. Aragorn went looking for Arwen, needing to see her, hopefully not for the last time. He had a bad feeling about the quest, knew that it wouldn't be an easy journey. But, he would gladly give his life in a heartbeat, if it meant seeing that the ring was destroyed.

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