The Fellowship: Part IX
by Kris

Gandalf listened to the quiet sounds of the night. Everyone was asleep, save for himself and the guard, Aragorn. The Ranger had taken the first watch, despite being tired from the day's march. But, that was the type of person that Aragorn was, putting others before himself. A good quality in a king, and Gandalf knew that Aragorn would make a great king. However, he also knew that that time was not yet, but later in the future. The future. Gandalf was a firm believer in that the future was not set. Yes, some things were meant to be, but the future was not definite.

As a wizard, over the years, he had had many dreams that had come to pass. Some were meant to be, while others were not. The dreams that were meant to be were always rather vague, never giving enough information to prevent them from happening. Kristiel had inherited his gift of seeing the future through dreams. By her actions tonight, Gandalf had a strong feeling that she had had one of those dreams recently.

It was the only explanation for her reaction towards the Fellowship going through the mines of Moria. She had seen something in her dream that was associated with the mines. What that was, he did not know. He could not read her mind, like he could others. It had always been closed to him, ever since she had been quite young. Not even Saruman had been able to read her mind, which was an excellent thing, really, especially at the present moment. Saruman had dismissed Kristiel, a long time ago, as having very little powers. He had never found out the real truth, that Gandalf's granddaughter was a wizard, albeit an unofficial one, but a wizard, nonetheless.

Of course, sooner or later, Saruman was going to find out about the deception, and when he did, Sauron would know then, as well. But, as long as Kristiel maintained a low profile, she would be passed off as being unimportant. Just the second elf in the Fellowship, brought along for defense. Which was what Gandalf had had in mind when he had summoned Kristiel to Rivendell. She was the secret weapon, so to speak.

Gandalf sighed, then shifted to get more comfortable. They had a ways to travel, before they would reach Caradhas and the Redhorn Gate. It was best to get some rest, and think more about the journey, in the morning. Closing his eyes, he was soon fast asleep.

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