The Fellowship: Part XIV
by Kris

Kristiel eyed the morning sky, which was growing lighter by the minute. She had been given last watch again, not that she minded. She didn't, for she loved watching the night become day. She enjoyed watching the sun rise, changing the sky to many glorious shades of colors- reds, oranges, golden yellows, blues, purples, and pinks.

Last night, she had been woken for her watch by Frodo and Sam, who had been the guards before her. Either Aragorn or Legolas had warned them of her waking habits, for the two hobbits had awoke her by nudging her with a long branch that they had found.

Kris looked over at the sleeping camp, easily finding the two hobbits. They were huddled together, along with Merry and Pippin, for warmth. It was cute, really, not that she would tell them that. They might take offense.

Kris' gaze traveled over the rest of the group. The non-hobbits were situated around the hobbits, protecting them even in sleep. When her gaze landed on Legolas, she paused, looking at him for a long moment, before finally looking away.

Sleeping elves had always given her chills. Seeing them asleep, with their eyes open, as though they were awake... It was down-right eerie. Kris didn't sleep like a normal elf. Somehow, that wasn't something that she had inherited from her mother.

Kris looked back up at the sky. She barely remembered her parents. She dreamed about them sometimes. Dreamed about things that they had done, like picnics and such, and of being happy. Not that she hadn't been happy with Gandalf. She had been. Her grandfather had raised her as if she were his daughter, instead of granddaughter.

Gandalf had told her stories of when her father had been young, of the things that he had done, the trouble that he had gotten into. He had told her stories of her parents after they had gotten married, how they had known that they were meant for each other at first sight. He had always let her know how much her parents had loved her, how happy they had been when she had been born. She still missed them from time to time, even though they had been dead for over 1,000 years.

Kris' head whipped around, when she sensed movement from the camp. It was one of the hobbits- Pippin. He was the early-riser of the four hobbits. He would get breakfast started, while everyone else was just beginning to wake up. Right now, he was frozen in place, having stopped moving when Kris had suddenly looked at him. She gave him a reassuring smile, and the hobbit relaxed, giving her a little wave, before he began to prepare the morning meal.

Kris surmised that the group had about a twelve days march to their destination of Caradhas. Maybe less, if they marched like they had been, from after breakfast, to a short break for lunch, then to just before dark.

Caradhas. Kris really did not have a good feeling about those mountains. She couldn't help but think, again, of her dream. She wondered, not for the first time, if she should tell Gandalf about the dream. If he was forewarned, then maybe he could prevent the dream from coming true.

No, Kris thought, shaking her head. If she knew her grandfather, knowing about the dream wouldn't make a difference. He would just tell her that some things were meant to be, and if the dream was one of them, then so be it. Kris sighed. She had never minded the dreams before, the ones that had come true. Now, however, she was beginning to hate them.

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