The Fellowship: Part XV
by Kris

The scent was growing stronger. AmaurŽa was drawing closer to her prey. She was about a half-day behind the group that she was following. If she ran, stopping every so often to rest, she could catch up to the group by late afternoon, early evening.

How could Kristiel have done this to her? They were best friends. They went everywhere together, kept no secrets from each other. Yet, Kristiel had gone off without AmaurŽa, leaving her behind at Luin Indil CelumŽ (Blue Lily Stream). Ohh, was she going to give that half-elf a piece of her mind when she saw her.

AmaurŽa paused from running, for a moment, taking in her surroundings. It wasn't yet noon, judging by the shadows on the ground. She was making good time. Which was great, because she hated travelling alone. Nobody to talk to. Especially now.

Very few animals were out and about, which was not normal. Even in this area. And those animals that were out, spoke of the feeling of danger in the air. AmaurŽa could sense it, also, though it was very faint. She hoped that the source of the danger never reached this place where she stood. For if it did, then Rivendell, which was about a two days journey from where she was, would be its next stop. And AmaurŽa did not want that to happen.

Sniffing the air, she caught Kristiel's scent, and took off running, once again.

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