The Fellowship: Part XX
by Kris

The panther was not the only one happy that Kristiel and Aragorn had made up. Gandalf was, as well. Difficult times were ahead, and everyone needed to stick together. The success of the quest depended everyone, not just a select few.

Gandalf watched, in silence, as the camp for the night was formed. Even his granddaughter's Familiar was helping. Well, sort of. The wizard chuckled softly, as he saw AmaurŽa playfully pounce on Pippin, causing the remaining hobbits, except Frodo, to pounce on the panther.

Gandalf looked around for the Ringbearer, finding Frodo by Kristiel. The two were talking, though what about he could not discern. If he needed to know, one or the other, or both, would tell him.

He saw Kristiel nod at something Frodo said, before smiling at the hobbit. She said something to him, and Frodo nodded back at her, before turning and going over to where his fellow hobbits were still playing with AmaurŽa. Kristiel walked towards Gandalf. When she reached him, she spoke.

"I pray that they never lose the part of them that makes them what they are," she said, as she watched the hobbits along with Gandalf.

"Hobbits are resourceful beings," he replied. "These four will most likely be jaded by the events yet to come. However, I do not believe that they will lose that part which you speak of."

His granddaughter looked thoughtful, before she nodded. She looked like she wanted to say something, but she did not. Instead, she told Gandalf that she was going to scout the area again, before she turned in for the night. Gandalf bade her be careful, even though he knew that she always was, to which Kristiel smiled, before turning and walking away from the camp.

Gandalf watched her, until she was no longer in sight. He noticed the Elf, Legolas, looking off in the direction that Kristiel had taken. A moment later, he walked from the camp, going in that direction.

HmmÖ What was this? Had Gandalf missed something? He did not think that he had. Should he look into the matter, or wait and see how it panned out, first? He finally decided to wait. It was possible that he was making something out of nothing.

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