Fallen Leafs, Part III
by Areli


The three companions wafted down the river, wondering what exactly to do. 

"You are right Gimli, he cannot make it. Not even a day." Aragorn noted. 

"It is as I said."  

They watched as Legolas began to cry out and clutch the ring as he pulled it towards his chest.  

"Rivendell is too far away." Legolas seemed to suddenly notice that they were there. 

"Riven...dell...?" they heard him gasp. "No! They...will kill me..." Aragorn thought for a moment.  

"Yes..." he said sadly. "They would." 

"Why?" Gimli asked.  

"He possesses the ring and would destroy them. They would have to destroy him first. We would get no where by going to Rivendell." 

"Mordor..." Legolas said softly. "Go..." Aragorn's eyes lit up. 

"We will destroy it ourselves."  

"But Frodo and Sam failed supposedly." Gimli said. "What chance do we have? None of us can touch it."  

"The cloth, as I said before." Aragorn said.  

"Will that be enough?" 

"I hope so."  

"We must make him drop the ring." Gimli said, focusing his attention on to Legolas.  

Before anyone could speak Gimli leaned over to where Legolas was on the boat and began to pry his hand open.  

After a massive struggle, Legolas was finally forced to drop the ring. 

"My ring!" he cried as he watched it fall with a hollow noise.  

"No Legolas." Aragorn said darkly. "It is not your ring."  

Legolas nodded and leaned back in the boat, desperate for air.  

"It is too powerful..." Legolas said thoughtfully. "I cannot wield it."  

"No one expected you to be able to." Aragorn said as he picked it up with his cloth. He tied it to his hilt and began to turn the boat around.  

"Where are we going then?" Legolas asked.  

"Mordor." Gimli said.  

"To destroy it then." he clasped his hands together. "We will not fail." 

"We cannot afford to fail." Aragorn said.  

"What of Frodo and Sam? We must seek them." Legolas said. Gimli and Aragorn nodded.  

The sky grew darker as they reached the other side and began their journey towards Mordor to destroy the ring themselves. All full aware that they could very well be marching to their deaths.

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