Fallen Leafs, Part VIII
by Areli


The wraiths rode for several days without stopping.  

At last they reached their goal. Mirkwood.  

Arrows flew at them before they even entered yet the wraiths merely shrieked and rode straight through amongst the silent murmers of "Nazguls? Here?"  

They rode up to the throne room, dismounted and walked up the steps to the king.  

Thranduil looked up from his seat to find himself staring at nine Nazguls.  

"How dare you enter this sacred place!" he thundered. The wraiths said nothing for a moment. "State the meaning of this!"  

"Legolas..." he heard one of the riders in black whisper. His eyes widened. 

"What of Legolas?" he demanded.  

"Give us your alliegence and we give you your son..." they whispered. Thranduil stared at them angrily. 

"What proof have you that you do indeed hold my son?"  

One of the wraiths pulled out Legolas' bow from underneath his robes. Thranduil stood up from his seat. He sat back down after a moment, a look of defeat gracing his worried face.  

"And if I do not agree to these terms?" he said softly, his voice filled with hate.  

"Legolas will join with us."  

Thranduil laughed at this.  

"My son is loyal. We agree to nothing." he said and stood up again. He waved his hand. "Be gone!"  

"So be it..." the nine said at once. With a shriek they left.  

Thranduil fell to his knees. 

"My son..."  

One of the servants went up to Thranduil. 

"What do you wish us to do my lord?" she asked slowly. She put hher hand on his shoulder for comfort. 

"Send our warriors to follow the wraiths and save Legolas." Thranduil ordered. The servant bowed and left.  


"You must join us..." Saruman chanted slowly. Legolas' laid on the floor drenched in sweat.  

Legolas was growing far too tired to resist any longer. His thoughts became completely focused on the ring that called to him from his pocket. He longed to touch it, more than anything in the world. He forgot that Saruman was even there after a while.  

Saruman smiled twistedly down at Legolas when he noticed that one of Legolas' hands was reaching for the ring. Legolas would make an excellent servant of Sauron. Mirkwood would fall to the darkness and the elves save from Lothlorien would become servants to Sauron. It would work perfectly.  

"My ring..." he heard Legolas mutter. 

"Yes Legolas. Take your ring." Saruman said kneeling down besides Legolas. "You desire it do you not?"  

Legolas faintly nodded. 

"Then what is preventing you from taking what is rightfully yours? It is your fate to become a servant of Sauron as was mine. One cannot deny fate." Saruman said.  

Legolas reached for his ring.

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