Immortal Heart: Part IV
by Alexandra

“What’s the danger?” asked Pippin, as part of the remaining fellowship as well as King Theoden and his men strode up to Orthanc. “Will he shoot at us, and pour fire out of the windows; or can he put a spell on us from a distance?”

“The last is most likely, if you ride to his door with a light heart,” said Gandalf. “But there is no knowing what he can do, or may choose to try. A wild beast cornered is not safe to approach. And Saruman has powers you do not guess. Beware of his voice!” With this warning, the group followed Gandalf the White up the stairs to Orthanc.

High above, Saderian opened her eyes, feeling that the time to go was at hand. She remembered Galadriel’s words, : ‘Magic is upheld by the will, but when the will is distracted, so the magic weakens.’ Saderian knew what she meant now. Taking her hidden dagger into her hand, she slowly climbed to her feet. She sat a minute, using the wall to steady herself.

Then she threw herself at the door, which burst open.

Saruman had been too preoccupied to remember to keep up the spells on her door. Saderian went down the stairs to her right, hoping that when he had emptied Orthanc, he had rid of his guards. She eventually came to a chamber where she could hear Saruman speaking with another voice.

The name Worm came to her ears and she leaned against the wall, listening as Saruman raised his voice to speak to those outside.

Saruman was distressed to see those gathered outside. He had lulled them in with his voice, but it was always one of the blasted company that broke the daze. He paused and looked at those gathered when his spell had been broken another time. He had nearly addressed each of them, but his gaze fell on the one elf present, standing next to Aragorn.

“So I see the Prince of Mirkwood, Legolas Greenleaf is here!” he shouted. Saruman had one last card to play. “I can see in your heart, wise elf, that while you rejoice with being reunited with some of your companions, you are yet filled with sorrow. It has been many months since you last saw the one you loved, and the Lady’s words have filled you with disquiet for some time.”

Legolas seemed uneasy. Saruman grinned, knowing the elf was listening to him. “Yes, you fear greatly for her life. Let me reassure you that she is alive. Her wounds run deep though, for the she-elf Saderian has been a most uncooperative prisoner.”

Legolas went white and his legs gave way. Aragorn caught him before he fell and helped steady the elf. Saruman was encouraged by the reaction and went on. “See, she was a spy, sent to watch on Isengard months ago. And though she did put up a fight when my orcs found her, she ultimately fell. I am sure that you would have wanted to be there had you heard her screams of pain.”

Saderian could not stand to listen to him any longer. She turned and walked into the hall where Saruman had his back to her, the man called Worm nowhere in sight. Grasping the hilt of her dagger as best she could, she threw it at Saruman. But Saderian was weak, and her aim off.

The dagger planted itself in Saruman’s shoulder as a result.

He screamed with pain and rage. “You wretched girl!” he shouted. Turning, he jerked his staff at her and sent her flying to the wall, into a case of glass. She dropped to the floor as the sharp shards pierced her skin and Saruman pulled the dagger out of his now bloody shoulder.

Below, Legolas had watched the action. With a shock, he knew he recognized that dagger: it belonged to Saderian. “Sade!” he shouted, trying to push away Aragorn’s arms so that he could go help her, but the man wouldn’t let him.

Saruman looked down at the elf, not noticing as Saderian crawled away toward the stairs leading outside. “Yes, your precious Saderian is here. Though now I will personally see to her death.” It was at this point that Gandalf took charge, knowing that Legolas was near desperation.

Saderian struggled to the stairs, her strength waning. She soon slipped in a puddle of her own blood, falling down the steps in front of the door. She cried out in pain, her voice matched with Saruman’s as Gandalf cracked the wizard's staff. Saderian grasped the railing, pulling herself to her feet. With a last effort, she pushed open the door and saw the outside for the first time in months.

Legolas could feel his heart breaking when he saw Saderian. Deep cuts were on her face and her clothing was bloodstained. Aragorn finally let him go and he ran toward her. Saderian collapsed into his arms and he nearly became sick when he found her to be far too light.

“Sade,” he whispered, hardly believing that she was injured. “You are going to be all right.”

“No I’m not Legolas,” she replied hoarsely. “You and I both know that my wounds are too great.” She paused as her body was racked with coughs.

“I am sorry that I did not stay with you, I wish I had. I have missed you these past months.”

Tears began to stream down Legolas’ face and those that were watching bowed their heads. “I have missed you as well Sade. There will be plenty of time to catch up on things though. We have many centuries to spend together, Melamin.”

A weak smile spread across her lips. “If only that were true. I am going to the Halls of Mandos, Legolas.”

“No!” he yelled. “You can’t go Sade! You do not belong in the Halls; you belong in Mirkwood with me! You cannot leave, for you take my heart with you.”

Saderian smiled again. “Legolas, you are my friend, my love, and my husband. Forever will I think of you.” Legolas cried out with pain as the last breath left her body and the light from her emerald eyes faded.

Aragorn moved to Legolas’ side, trying to keep his own tears from spilling over. “My friend, she is gone,” he said gently, placing a hand on the elf’s shoulder.

Legolas only held the body in his arms, not moving.

Legolas was stricken with grief with Saderian’s passing. Nothing that anyone in the company could say could cheer him up. It was many hours until Legolas left the she-elf’s side. Even then they could tell his face was tearstained and his step was not as light as it used to be. He placed her body on a pedestal of sorts, telling Treebeard that he would return for her once his task was done.

From that point on, he did not speak of Saderian, knowing that he would fail miserably if her death distracted him. He did not want to leave her side, but he remembered how Galadriel had told him to finish his journey and he would.

It was only after the destruction of the One Ring that his thoughts returned to her. Aragorn noticed the change in his friend’s eyes and questioned him about it one day. “You do not seem yourself, Legolas.”

Legolas shook his head. “Indeed I am not. Now that the time of Sauron is done, I am beginning to think of what I shall do. Saderian is no longer here, and I wonder what is left for me. I do know that soon I must return to Isengard.”

Aragorn nodded. It pained him to see his friend so lost. His own heart wondered if the elf would die of grief. “When do you plan to return?”

“Not for several days,” assured Legolas. “I would not miss your being wed to Arwen, for you are still a dear friend. I will think the matter through once Mid-year’s Day has passed.”

Legolas stuck to his word, for it was a joyful time for all. It was on the Eve of Mid-year that a group of fair people were said to be riding from the North, and many gathered to greet them. It was the elves themselves, for the household of Rivendell were at the forefront. Galadriel and Celeborn were also there, come with elves of Lothlorien. The last to come were Elrond and Arwen, riding last in the procession.

Many greetings were offered as they entered the City. It was only when they had begun to depart that Legolas turned his eyes to look to the way that they had come. He shielded his eyes and saw a white horse in the distance, pulling something behind it. There was not a doubt in his mind that the horse was Neara.

“I brought her here,” said Galadriel to him. “You need not return to Isengard, for I fear the pain would be too great.”

He nodded and watched as Neara came closer, finally stopping in front of him. He moved to the cart that held a body with a white cloth draped over it. He pulled it back to see Saderian’s face, peaceful and unscathed.

“We tended to her wounds,” Galadriel went on. “For we ourselves could not look on such a noble warrior held in such a grievous state.”

Galadriel backed away and Legolas ran his fingers down Saderian’s face. A tear slid silently down his face and he pulled the cloth back over her.

He turned to see the elves watching him. He faced her once again and closed his eyes, letting the words come from his mouth.

“Tari Saderian, vanima ve I’uial. Yassen mallokse ar pilin beleg re aut nurt manke re tir’ksh yassen n’uma gorga. Dae utuhe. Huine maphe. Nan’ dagorre. N’uma hosse sanhe, n’uma moore caelhe. Amin talant elee quant yassen niire ten’ Saderian I’vanya lemba I’palurin. Lirimaer, poikaer, astalder, mela en’coiamin. Saderian I’silma en’I’ilmen, kaim e’ Mandos.”

“What did he say?” whispered Merry, trying not to disturb the moment.

Aragorn heard him and quietly translated the elven tongue to him. “Queen Saderian, beautiful like the twilight. With golden hair and arrow strong she went into hiding where she watched evil with no fear. Shadow found her. Darkness grasped her. But she fought. No army could take her, no blackness hold her. My fallen eyes are filled with tears because Saderian the fair left behind the world. Lovely one, pure one, valient one, love of my life. Saderian, the starlight of the night sky, sleeps in Mandos.”

Without warning, Legolas fell to his knees, clutching his chest. Aragorn, Gimli, and the hobbits ran to him. “What has happened?” asked Sam as the elf was laid on the ground.

“He is dying of grief,” replied Aragorn grimly. “Legolas! Look at me Legolas!” The elf’s breathing was labored and his eyes were almost unseeing. “Life goes on Legolas. You still have your friends. Time goes on!”

“Not without her,” he choked out, his breath becoming shallower.

Frodo looked up, pained to see his friend near death. His breath caught in his throat and a slight gasp came from the crowd, though the elves just smiled. The others looked up and their eyes widened with surprise. The hobbits backed away and a woman clad in white kneeled down.

“Legolas,” she said, bending over him. Her golden hair fell down to brush his cheek and he turned his head weakly. He looked right into a pair of emerald eyes and took a deep breath.

“Saderian,” he whispered as if he couldn’t believe it. She nodded and smiled. “I could not stay in Mandos, Legolas. I chose to leave, chose to come and spend my life with you as I should. Thanks to the Lady who healed my wounds, I could return to my body. You have to stay here Legolas, for now I am here as well.” She leaned down to kiss him and the others averted their eyes in respect.

Legolas’ strength seemed to return to him in the next few moments. With help from both Saderian and Aragorn, the elf rose to his feet. He turned and held Saderian’s fair face in his hands. “Sade, an eternity without you is not worth living. You alone hold my immortal heart.” He pulled her to him and closed his eyes, content with the fact that she was in his arms again.

The next day, Aragorn wed Arwen, and they became King Elessar and Queen Arwen Undomiel. Much celebration took place the next few days, and Saderian came to know all of those Legolas had traveled with.

Legolas himself had quickly healed, regaining his strength. He had yet to let Saderian out of his sight, slightly scared that she would fall back into the Halls of Mandos. When they departed from the city, soon to return to their homes for a brief while, he looked over at her, calmly riding Neara.

He knew he had nearly died of grief that day. Seeing her so pale was too much for him. He now knew that he loved her with all his heart. Some of the elves might call him rash, having known her for less than a decade. He though, could not deny his feelings.

Gimli cleared his throat behind him. “Maybe I should leave so as to give you more time with your wife,” the dwarf said with a smile.

Legolas laughed. “That is quite all right friend. We have all our lives to be together.”

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