The Jewel of the Stars: Part II
by Erin

“Mae govannen to you, Lady Luinëhothiel.” Legolas replied in a low voice, kissing the back of her hand gently. Luinëhothiel blushed furiously and tried to hide her face.

“It’s been far too long since we’ve seen each other, Lady. I’ve missed your company.”

Luinëhothiel could not believe what her ears were hearing. Could it be they were deceiving her? No, Legolas had actually told her he’d missed her. Her heart was soaring, now.

She took a step back from Legolas as her father joined them.

“Good evening, Legolas…how have you been since our last meeting?” Elrond questioned, pulling the Prince into a quick, but strong hug.

“I’ve been well, Elrond. Trying to keep the peace in Mirkwood…as you know, we still have a great many Orcs invading our peaceful home.” Legolas replied, an air of sorrow showing on his fair face.

“Yes, I have heard. But, you are here, now…and we are very happy to have you and Aragorn.” Elrond said, trying to break the mood with a gentle smile. “How long will you be staying with us?”

“I imagine we will remain here for about a month or so. Aragorn and I need our rest, before we go back to the battles.”

Luinëhothiel’s eyes widened. She tilted her head and gazed around her father until Arwen came into view. Arwen smiled sweetly and nodded her head, letting her younger sister know that she could, indeed, believe what she was hearing.

That night, a large gathering was to be prepared for Rivendell’s honored guests. Everyone in the community was invited. There would be music, dancing, and many other kinds of entertainment. The food that was being prepared would soon be put out in a bountiful feast and elves from far and wide would celebrate Legolas and Aragorn’s return to Rivendell.

Luinëhothiel sat quietly at the edge of her bed, her chin resting gently on a single hand. She sighed contentedly. This was all she’d ever asked for…to be able to see her Prince once again. And, someone, somewhere, had heard her prayer and made it come true. But they did more than make her dream come true. The man she’d loved for so long had admitted that he had SOME kind of feelings for her…whether they be friendly or intimate. Either way, she felt as if nothing could touch her now!

Luinëhothiel rose quickly to her feet when her lady-in-waiting, Celebbal, entered the room.

“You have not begun to dress yet, milady?!” Celebbal questioned impatiently as she fluttered around the room, gathering all of Luinëhothiel’s necessary objects. “The party begins in a matter of moments and you are still in your chamber, with your head in the clouds!! Now, quickly…we must get you ready, before your father hears of this!”

Celebbal’s impatience did nothing to stir Luinëhothiel from her thoughts. She simply stood there as her servant fussed about her. Her hair was brushed, a fresh layer of fairy dust was applied to her face, and an even more gorgeous white one replaced her ornate, blue gown. A necklace, one exactly like Arwen had given to Aragorn, was placed delicately around her neck…and that completed the look.

Celebbal stepped back to take a look at the young woman before her. She resembled that of an angel…and angel sent down to Middle Earth. Yet, Luinëhothiel still did not stir.

For she was far away…far away in a land that existed only in her mind. In that land, everything was right with the world. There was no more fighting, no more evil, and she had the man she loved to share it all with. She never wanted to leave that place.

“Milady?!” Luinëhothiel heard as she came out of her reverie.

“Yes, Celebbal? What is so urgent that you must raise your voice?” she asked, unknowingly.

“The party starts!!!” Celebbal exclaimed, taking Luinëhothiel’s hand and quickly leading her out of the room and down the stairs. They stopped right in directly of Elrond.

“Celebbal, has my daughter been daydreaming, again?” Elrond asked with a chuckle, shaking his head slightly.

“Yes, my Lord. And you know how difficult she is when she gets that way!”

“Yes, I do know this, Celebbal. But, what counts is that she’s here, now…and the party may begin.” Elrond announced, looping his arms with his daughters’ and leading them out into the garden.

Immediately, music, laughter, and singing voices began to fill the air. It was a perfect night for such a celebration. The skies were clear, all the stars shone brightly, and the large moon seemed to hang directly over Rivendell. But, nothing shone brighter that night than the youngest daughter of Elrond, Luinëhothiel Elemmírë…Rivendell’s jewel of the stars.

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