The Jewel of the Stars: Part IV
by Erin


Luinëhothiel awoke the next morning with a great smile spread across her lips. She still could not believe that she’d spent the entire night dancing, wrapped in Legolas’ arms. In fact, it almost didn’t seem real. Could it be that she’d dreamed it all?

‘No, it couldn’t…’ she thought, brushing her right hand over her cheek, over the exact spot where Legolas had left a good night kiss the evening before. She knew she hadn’t dreamt that!

“My Prince…” she whispered softly, looking out to the morning sky, “my Prince.”

She awoke again, some time later, to the sound of Celebbal scurrying about her chamber.

“Milady…finally, you are awake! It is well past the hour of noon…” Celebbal informed her, moving back and forth in front of her mistress’ bed a great many times.

“Please, dear Celebbal…do not run yourself ragged…” Luinëhothiel pleaded with a hint of laugher. “My father will not be angered…”

“Yes, I know this.” the young servant agreed. “But, I do have many other things to do today…therefore, I do not have the time to wait for you to get out of bed at your own will!”

Luinëhothiel shook her head and giggled at the young woman’s persistence.

“If I must…” she sighed, pulling herself out of bed and moving to the large, round bathtub that sat in the far corner of her room. She quickly rid herself of her nightgown and jumped into the hot water, not wanting to feel the chill, autumn air on her skin.

Celebbal rushed over to the tub and swiftly dumped a pitcher-full of water over Luinëhothiel’s head. She laughed as the young woman sputtered and wiped the water from her eyes.

“That’s funny, right?” Luinëhothiel asked, trying her best to be serious, yet not being able to help the grin creeping onto her lips.

Celebbal smiled and nodded and began to work a handful of soap into Luinëhothiel’s hair.

She finished quickly and poured more water over the princess’ head, though, this time, she warned her first, letting her lean backward, preventing and soap from getting in her eyes.

By the time Luinëhothiel had finished washing herself, the bathwater had grown quite cold. She exited the tub with great speed and wrapped herself in the large towel that Celebbal had offered.

The servant disappeared for a moment and returned with Luinëhothiel’s favorite dress. This one, like the other, was made from a very pale, blue silk and had silver embroidery covering the bodice.

Luinëhothiel had had the dress for quite some time…in fact, if she remembered correctly, it was the dress she was wearing on the first day she’d met Prince Legolas. It was that fact alone that made it her favorite.

Finally, after Celebbal had placed her necklace on her and she’d slid her feet into her slippers, she was ready to leave her chamber.

She met her father at the bottom of the stairs, as she did every day, and walked with him into the courtyard.

“Tell me, sweet daughter…what feelings do you harbor for Prince Legolas?” Lord Elrond asked, stopping Luinëhothiel to look into her eyes.

She diverted his glance for a moment, but then looked back into his eyes.

“I feel things for him that I have never known before! Just the sight of him makes all my worries go away.” Luinëhothiel replied, letting a contented smile cross her face.

Elrond smiled and stroked his hand softly over his daughter’s hair. “My little girl is in love…” he sighed, looking up to the cloudless sky.

“Have you seen Legolas yet today, father?” Luinëhothiel questioned, pulling Elrond from his thoughts.

“I have seen him walking near the grotto not long ago.” he answered, glancing thoughtfully at his daughter. He paused for a long while then, noticing the look of anticipation on his daughter’s face, let go of her hand. “Go, my dear…go find your love.”

Luinëhothiel smiled brightly and laid a small kiss on her father’s cheek, then ran off into the woods.

She had walked only for a few moments when she came upon the grotto, yet, she saw no one. Then, out of nowhere, came the sound of a small splash. She turned her attention to the pool at the opening of the cave and, to her surprise, saw Legolas swimming peacefully.

She was about to call out to him, but her voice caught in her throat when she’d realized he’d rid himself of all his clothing. Her eyes grew large, mouth dropped open, and she began to turn back from whence she came…

Then, she heard his voice.

“Lady Luinëhothiel…is that you?” Legolas called, coming to the edge of the pool.

“Yes, it is.” she answered quickly, turning away from him. “But, I see that I’ve disturbed you, so…”

“You have not disturbed me in any way.” he laughed, motioning for her to come closer. “In fact, you may join me, if you wish.”

“I…well…I…I don’t think so, dear Prince.” she stuttered, trying to keep her eyes off the body he was obviously not ashamed to show. “You see, I’ve just had my bath…no sense in having another one…” she reasoned, immediately thinking herself foolish for giving such an answer.

“Would it change your mind if I told you that I wanted you to join me?” Legolas asked, persisting after her.

“It may…” Luinëhothiel giggled, moving closer to the bank of the river.

She thought to herself for a moment, ‘Is this really the type of thing I should be doing?’

But, then, her thoughts changed. She began wondering what Legolas’ body looked like without any clothing. She immediately scolded herself for those thoughts, but suddenly realized that she couldn’t help it…not even if she’d wanted to.

She found herself quickly removing her clothing, not caring if Legolas’ eyes were fixed on her, and joining him in the pool. She did not know what to do after that…she stood there, arms folded across her chest, watching him swim circles around her.

Then, he stopped. He slowly swam over to her and stopped, leaving only inches between their bodies after he’d stood up.

“I’m glad you came looking for me, Lady. There is something I’ve been meaning to speak to you about.”

“There has?” she asked, stunned.

“Yes…would you like to know what about?” Legolas asked, knowing her answer before she even spoke it.

Luinëhothiel nodded her head and kept her eyes fixed on his.

He moved ever closer, touching his cool body to hers. She shivered, but not because of the temperature…things like this had only happened in her dreams. She placed her warm hand gently on his chest. He replied with a sweet smile and placed his own over it.

“I know the feelings that your heart holds for me…” Legolas whispered, brushing her hair back with his other hand. “for, my heart echoes the same sentiments.”

Luinëhothiel’s eyes grew wide, she could not believe the words that had just come out of his beautiful mouth. “It does?”

Legolas nodded and moved his lips closer to hers. “May I have the honor of a kiss from you, fair Lady?” he whispered, his warm breath dancing across her lips.

She couldn’t answer, she couldn’t move, the whole world had begun to spin after that question.

Legolas did not wait. He pressed his lips her hers, capturing her in a strong, yet passionate kiss.

She moaned softly, relishing the feel of his soft lips and hard body pressed against hers. She began to feel faint and lightheaded, like she was floating on a cloud, and, although she tried, she could not fight the feeling…it was all she’d ever wished for, and so much more.

Luinëhothiel slid her arms under the water and wrapped them around Legolas’ waist. She pulled his body closer, if that was even possible, and deepened the kiss at her own will. She sighed deeply then broke the kiss, not letting his body out of her grasp, though.

Legolas glanced down at her and smiled sheepishly. Then, as if the moment of innocence had ended as quickly as it had begun, he lowered his head to her neck and began planting small soft kisses along her collar bone.

She moved her hands from his waist to his shoulders, and used them as leverage to push herself out of the water.

Legolas eyed her strangely. “Where are you off to, sweet Lady? Must you leave me so unsatisfied?”

Luinëhothiel turned back to face him and smiled knowingly. “What satisfaction do you intend to have tonight, dear Prince? she questioned, slipping back into her gown.

He shrugged his shoulders slightly then brought himself out of the water. Luinëhothiel watched him carefully as he made his way toward her, not being able to keep her eyes off of his stunning body. Legolas grinned and took Luinëhothiel by the waist, capturing her lips once more.

The kiss was a quick and powerful one, one that left both, Luinëhothiel and Legolas, breathless after they’d parted.

She finished dressing quickly. She then turned and exited the woods as silently as she had entered them, leaving Legolas standing on the bank of the river, completely bare, and it total awe of the young Elvin Princess.

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