Cling and Clatter
by Jules
Rating - MA 15+ for mature themes, violence, angst, slavery etc
Disclaimer -All things Rings-ish are property of JRR Tolkein. I'm just playing with them... I'll return them (slightly ruffled) to the playbox when I'm done. Song lyrics featured are from LifeHouse's album No Name Face, the song is titled 'Simon'
Summery - Legolas has been forced into a slave labour camp. Your basic kind of angst, slavery (no slash) fic. This is a kind of follow on from my last LOTR fic titled 'Faded Ashes'. This fic can stand on its own, but it does mention events from the Faded Ashes fic, so it might help if you've read that!
Authors Notes - The lyrics from this just leapt out and grabbed me while driving along in the car and the fic kinda built itself around them.
Dedication - To Sonbon, Camster, Katie, and the Ratpak girls, you keep me sane!

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