A Brother, an Elf Brother?: Part I
by Brenda

Dear Mr. Frodo Baggins,
As your father, it has come to my attention that I need to tell you about something. I know you have never met me but now you will. I would like you to come to Mirkwood. I will send my son to come and get you in about a months time. He will lead you to Mirkwood. When you get here I'll tell you the news.

Your Father
Thranduil Greenleaf

"My fatherů.? I've never met my father. I wonder why mother never told me he lived in Mirkwood or who he was." Exclaimed Frodo as he reread the letter again.

Chapter 1

In a dim lit room, much like a Library or den, two people's voices were heard.

"Legolas, my son. Come here. I need to tell you something." King Thranduil asked.

"Yes Father"

"I know this may come as a surprise to you but did you know that you have a brother?"

"No I did not. When did this happen?" asked Legolas wondering why his father never told him before.

"Oh, 20-50 years ago" answered Legolas' father not bothering with all the details, he wanted to get to the matter at hand.

"What's my brother's name and where does he live?" Legolas asked curiously, wondering why his father kept this from him.

"He lives in the shire. A hobbit, he does not know that he's half Elf. I'm going to send you to get him in about a month's time."

"But how will I know who it is, for you have not told me his name?" asked Legolas who was mystified by this.

"I've written him, and will have him meet you at his home. I do not wish to tell you his name as of now but when the time comes I will give you the address to his home," King Thranduil explained.

"But why not father?"

"Because for one you have already met him, and two it would take the fun out of it"

"Anything else you need to tell me?"

"No, that's all, my son."

Legolas walks out of the room, and heads to his quarters to think about this new mystery his father, King Thranduil has brought up.

Two weeks later Legolas is all packed for his journey. He jumps on his horse, bow and arrow in hand and started to head out the palace gates.


Legolas turns around to look at his father.

"Bring him back safely and good luck." replied the King with a warm smile.

"I will and thank you father."

Legolas travels day and night until he finally arrives at the shire a week later. He stops his horse and asks the nearest hobbit for directions to Frodo's home. He gets off his horse, walks though the small gate and knocks on Frodo's door.


Frodo suddenly hears a knock on the door.

"Wonder who that could be?"

He here's a second knock.

"Coming," he calls.

He opened the door and was surprised at who was at the door.

"Legolas what are you doing here? It's quite a surprise."

"Why apparently to take you to my home, for someone wishes to see you" said Legolas with a somewhat surprised look on his face. "Did you not get a letter in the mail exclaiming that someone would come and pick you up and escort you to Mirkwood?"

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