A Cold Heart Warmed: Part V
by Pharassero

Legolas blinked his eyes a few times and looked up to see Boromir standing over them. As soon as he moved Kalay woke and looked around also. "Our turn already?" she yawned and stood up stretching, looking over the still sleeping forms of the group. Legolas and Kalay stand on opposite side of the group and move infrequently around it to watch all sides.

In a few hours time they begin waking the others to continue on through the mine. The going is a bit rough in some places where the stone has rotted or collapsed, several in the group stumble on the way. Kalay on occasion looks behind them, she feels as if she is being watched, and followed. When they stop at a grouping of passages, she hears Frodo tell Gandalf of his suspicions. She learns that they have been followed by Gollum. Gandalf explains to Frodo that it was pity that prevented Bilbo from killing Gollum when he saw him, and to not be too eager to kill someone himself. Suddenly Gandalf jumps up and shows them the path they will take due to the fresher air coming from it. The party heads down the path, Kalay stumble on a larger loose stone and Legolas grabs her before she falls. "Thanks, but who is guarding who here?" she smile sidelong at him. He returns her smile, and slowly releases her arm, behind them Boromir stifles and laugh. He is rewarded with glares from both of them, and quickly straightens his face.

Gandalf uses his staff to give off more light as they enter the giant hall of the mine, everyone is in awwe at the vastness. Continuing on, Gimli notices a door to the side and rushes over to it, the party following close behind. The room is filled with skeletons, and a tomb. Gandalf walks over and picks a book up and begins reading from it, Pippin walks over to a well and touches a skeleton sitting there. The head falls off and then the rest of the body falls back into the well dragging a chain and bucket with it. Pippin winces as Gandalf tells him to throw himself in next time. Kalay strains her ears as she hears drumbeats begin to rise from the depths of the mine, she readies her crossbow. Boromir and Aragorn rushed to the door and barred it with two huge axes just in time. The Orcs began breaking through just as the last axe was placed, Legolas and Kalay used their bows to shoot through the holes made in the door killing a few before they could get in. Aragorn and Boromir stood ready with swords drawn and Gimli had leapt to the tomb cursing and shouting their attackers.

The orcs had a cave troll with them that succeeded in busting through the door. Once the door was breached the party began fighting with their swords while Legolas and Kalay continued uses arrows. The cave troll was huge, and attacked Legolas with a spiked ball on a chain attached to its neck, Kalay did all she could to attempt to avert its attention. During one attack the troll's chain tangled on a piller and Legolas jumped onto it and then onto the troll's head, shooting an arrow into the top of its head. He was thrown off and Kalay raced forward to help him. Suddenly the troll turned its eyes to her and rasied its massive arms, taking this oppertunity Kalay again rushed forward and slid down on her back as she neared the creatures underside and fired a arrow up into it. The monster screamed in pain and lunged forward over her, she leaped up behind it just in time to draw her sword and fight off an orc. She now had no time to see if Legolas was allright, she was being attacked on all sides and barely fending off the horrid creatures swarming the room.

Legolas was finaly able to kill the cave troll, allowing the party to escape. They ran down the giant corridor until the became surrounded by the orcs. Thinking they were about to die, they gatherd their courage and prepared to take as many of the enemy down with them as possible. Suddenly the orcs began to back off, as a noise could be heard rising from the hall. After the orcs had scattered a fire like flame began to rise out of the darkness at the far end of the hallway. Gandalf, knowing what evil headed their way, he told them to run. Barely beating the growing light to the end of the hallway, they were stopped short as Boromir almost fell off the edge of the stairs.

Gandalf pointed the way to the bridge and they flew as fast as they could toward it. About halfway there the stairs began to collapse and orcs began firing arrows at them. Jumping or being thrown across they continued toward the bridge. While the others ran across to safety, Gandalf stopped and tried to turn back the demon folowing them. After a short battle the bridge cracked and broke, the creature falling into the shadows, just befor falling out of sight it used a fiery whip to catch the wizard around his ankle and drag him down into the pit with it. Before he fell, he commanded them to run. They ran as fast as they could in shock at the events that hed just unfolded. Once outside they stopped to rest and consider their predicament.

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