A Cold Heart Warmed: Part VI
by Pharassero

Pippen, Merry, and Sam all sat down once they were outside and grieved for the lost wizard. Frodo, however began to walk away from the rest of the group, grieving to himself. Aragorn told the ones standing to get the Hobbits up and moving, Boromir objected to this thinking Aragorn to be behaving cruelly in light of there loss. Kalay had barely known the wizard, but had respected him during the journey and grieved for him in her own way. Legolas gave a sharp look at Aragorn, but turned to help the halflings up and get them moving. He had known Gandalf better and also thought Aragorn was being cold, until he told them the land would be crawling with orcs at nightfall.

Aragorn called out to Frodo and again when he didn't answer, Frodo turned and a single tear was making a path down his face. Kalay helped Merry to his feet and then looked around to be sure the others were ready.

It was decided they would pass through Lorien, much to Gimli's dismay, he kept harping about a witch that lived there. It was a peaceful walk with the exception of Gimli's constant chatter. He was just bragging how quiet and stealthy he could be when an arrow still nocked in a bow touched the tip of his nose. The party had been secretly surrounded by the elves of Lorien. Legolas and Kalay were the only ones who had drawn their weapons in time, had they needed them.

Galadriel, it was later learned had sent a group out to greet them and bring them safely into Lothlorien. They were all escorted to her dais, where she and Celborn greeted them. As she looked at each one and offered greeting, they heard a voice in their head. She told Kalay that her heart was not so icy as all had said, and that even the fires of Mt. Doom would rival its heat soon. She didn't know what this meant, but was happy anyway. Boromir looked nervous as her gaze passed over him, and even Frodo seemed afraid. She gave them leave to eat and rest, and Kalay was greatfull for both.

Kalay was shown to her room, where a steaming bath had already been prepared. Delighted by this surprise she forgot to secure the door before hopping in the tub. She had just finnished washing her hair and lain back in the tub and closed her eyes when she felt soft fingers trail up her arm. Jumping in surprise she splashed water on Legolas who simply laughed and crouched over the tub looking at her. Grabbing a nearby towl she dragged it into the water covering herself and blushing in the same instant.

"What do you think you're doing?" she hissed forgetting he was the Prince of Mirkwood.

"Seeing if you are ready to come and eat, the tables are set for a feast."

"Do I look like I'm ready?"she asked and then grumbled under her breath.

"Depends on what you are supposed to be ready for," he said as made a grab at the soaking towel. She smacked his hand further splashing him, remebering who he was she turned even redder.

"I...I'm sorry..my Prince..I.." she tried to continue but he simply leaned forward and kissed her square on the lips. He placed his hand behind her neck before she could pull away and deepened the kiss for a few more seconds. He finally backed away smiling at her, "There are clothes laid out on your bed, please hurry." She was too shocked to say anything at first, but managed to throw the wet towel at the door several seconds after he left. She sunk so low in the water that only her head from her eyes up could be seen and her knees at the other end. Under the water her mouth twisted into a smile and she raised up and got out of the tub. She dried and dressed, and quickly did her hair. Most had already arrived at the banquet when she got there, but that wasn't what bothered her. There was a special table just for the Fellowship at the very front of the room and her seat was next to Legolas on the end. She was determined to make the best of it, and took her place at his side.

"I'm glad you decided to join us," he joked with her.

"I did get hungry, and you were right this certainly is a feast," she anwered him in a cool tone and he wondered if he had overstepped his bounds. They went through the meal with few words to each other, most of their time being taken by curious residents of Lorien.

After the meal, Legolas took a pitcher of wine with him and went to his room, passing the Hobbits on the way. He set the pitcher down in his room and walked back out. He made his way to Kalay's quarters and knocked on her door, she opened it and looked him up and down.

"At least you knocked this time," she told him in an almost bored tone.

"Yes, I am sorry about earlier, I came to apologise. I have so I will leave you to your dreams." He turned to go, but a light touch at his shoulder made him turn.

"No..I shouldn't have gotten so angry with you," she said her head bowed.

"You had every right to, Prince or no I invaded your privacy and I was wrong."

"Please come in and sit a while, I'll play you a song. You're the only one that really likes my music." She took a few steps back from the doorway and waited for him to follow her. He stepped inside and followed her to her bed where he sat down at her invitation while she got her lute out. She played one of his favorite tunes, and when she was finnished put the instrument aside. He smiled and slid his hand over to where hers rested on the bed, she only glanced down before returning her gaze to his face. He slid closer and embraced her in a tight hug, then fell backwards onto the bed. They talked long into the night before falling asleep, fully clothed and atop the covers.

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