A Heart's Desire: Part I
by Bonnie a.k.a. Artemis

Their faces showed that of toil and sorrow. The mines had been a horrid and a traumatizing affair. Their guide and friend had fallen into shadow, with the hideous monster wreathed in flame. Gandalf. Gandalf the Grey was dead. None of them could seem to even fathom it. The pain in their hearts was numb, but they soon knew that the numbness would wear off and the real pain would set in.

Aragorn had pressed them to go on. Boromir knew that it was the right thing to do but the Hobbits faces showed otherwise. They had to make it to Lothlorien before the horde of Orcs came out at night. Legolas made his way to Frodo and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Come, we must move on.” He said in a soft voice. Frodo looked up at his friend and saw the tear stained elf face looking down at him. He followed him reluctantly.

Boromir gathered up his shield and pressed Pippin, Merry and Gimli to follow him. They were weary and exhausted and the soon hope of being in a safe land lifted some of the weariness. Aragorn was in the lead, then Legolas, the hobbits and Gimli. Boromir was at the rear, he looked up ahead and saw Legolas’ head bowed.

His heart ached to see his friend in pain and in sorrow. That beautiful elven face was not meant for tears. Legolas turned his head slightly, knowing someone was looking at him. Boromir turned quickly away, avoiding his gaze. His heart raced, at the thought of him knowing he was staring at the elf.

Boromir had been greatly troubled. Not only with the mission they were set out to see to, but the day of the council, Legolas had caught his eye and heart. His longing for the fair elf had grown everyday since they had set out, and his heart was screaming at him to tell Legolas that he loved him and yearned for him. His mind told him otherwise.

The company quickly made their way onward. Aragorn, pressed them on for quite sometime. He wanted to get away from the Mines of Moria as quickly as possible. Once he knew they were near Lorien he would let them rest.

The hobbits kept up as best they could. Legolas kept close to them in case any wondering Orc hiding in the shadow might attack. The air around them was cool and a soft breeze fell upon their faces. Boromir was glad for this, they all were. It was a welcome change to be out in the open, in the light, instead of the dark dreary mines.

The company had traveled many hours and it was already dark when Aragorn allowed them to rest. “We will rest here for a few hours, and recover our strength.”

They all camped under the protection of trees and huge rocks. It would be hard for the enemy to find them, but not impossible. Boromir had volunteered to take the first watch. His mind was greatly troubled and he knew it would be hard for him to rest. The others just laid on the hard ground and fell asleep.

An hour passed. Nothing, was seen or heard. Boromir was glad for that. The half moon shone above sending a queer white light through the trees. He sighed and put his head back tree trunk he leant against.

One of the hobbits stirred. He wasn’t sure but he thought it must have been Sam. He looked at them all and wondered if they would all make it out alive. He doubted it. Boromir’s eyes then fell onto Legolas. His pale face glimmered in the moon light. Boromir gave a small gasp, seeing the eyes of his friend open, but then quickly remembering that elves often slept with them open. He relaxed again. He studied his friends face again. It was truly beautiful. The soft white golden hair that flowed onto his shoulders. His high cheek bones and beautiful pointed ears. His sapphire blue eyes, and pink lips. It looked as if he was carved out of marble. A masterpiece beyond any artist.

Boromir looked at his friend. For so long he had longed to press his lips to Legolas, and taste the elven warmth of his soul. Just one kiss. That is all he wanted. But he knew it would never be. Boromir shut his eyes and imagined the soft kisses of Legolas on his face and neck. Those elven lips caressing his mouth and face. His hands wandering about his body.

He let out a soft sigh and realized his hand was down, massaging a growing erect penis. He looked at them all and wondered if any had awoken. They were all still asleep. Boromir looked again at Legolas and his beautiful features. The heat in his erection grew and the longing for release grew as well.

Boromir got up and made his way behind a nearby tree. He could still see the company but he was well hidden.

He undid his belt and pants. His hand reached down and gently grabbed his erection. He slowly stroked it, giving of a small cry of pleasure. He imagined that Legolas’ lips were on him. Teasing him and caressing him. He stroked and rubbed harder, as the passion grew.

His breath was short and he tried to make no sound, in fear that he would wake one of his companions. His heart raced. He stroked and stroked his erect penis harder and harder until he gave off a sudden gasp and he released. A few beads of sweat trickled down his brow, and his breathing slowed and his heart stopped racing. He looked over to the company and saw that no one had moved. He was glad of this. He did not want to reveal his secret desire.

He did up his pants again and belt and stepped out from behind the tree. He stopped and could see that someone was missing. It was Legolas.

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