A Secret Untold: Part IV by: Thalisirwen

Aragorn seemed pained as he corrected my poetry this evening. I had hoped he would find joy in it, for it has always been something he loved. Opening the folded parchment, now an untidy mess of scribbles and corrections, I begin to copy it out. meaning to send to Valrodiel:

"For a simple chance at love
I risk friendship, Love's foundations.
For a moment of true happiness,
I pledge my heart and soul.
My radiant friend how I feel for thee,
And yet I hide it behind closed doors
Our time together, that I cherish
Do you know what it means to me.
Can we not love as more than this?
Risk companionship for something more,
Let us love as more than friends,
For love is immortality."

But this was no longer a poem about Valrodiel. The combination of Aragorn's and my own changes had made it mean much more. Something bothered me about Aragorn's suggestions. I read over the lines he'd submitted:

"My radiant friend how I feel for thee,
Any yet I hide it behind closed doors"

The lines seemed more personal compared to his usual work; his words seemed to come from the deepest depths of his troubled soul, rather than his gloriously poetic mind.

If only he would reveal what troubled him so. It was a matter of the heart, that was certain, his wistfulness and sighs suggested this, but his heartfelt addition to my poetry had proved it.

I have been thinking about Aragorn a lot recently, although admittedly I do not always contemplate what troubles him, other thoughts cloud my mind also. It hurts me terribly to see him like this, if only I could take him into my arms, and hold him for a moment. I would wash away his troubles take away his pain, and return the happiness to his intense grey eyes. But 'tis Arwen who is there to do that. How I envy her. I should not feel this way, after all Arwen is my friend as is Aragorn. My loneliness here magnifies my feelings, I cannot help feel strongly for him. Almost as strongly as I feel for Valrodiel...

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