A Secret Untold: Part IX by: Thalisirwen

I really didn't wish to see Aragorn today. I had been walking in the gardens before breakfast hoping to clear my head of my dilemma, but then I saw him, and my troubles seemed to attack my heart with a vengeance. He asked of my problems, and I broke down. Then the least expected happened. Aragorn embraced me. Wrapped him arms around me and stood there, stroking my hair and telling me 'It'll be alright' whilst all I could do was cry into his neck, smelling his manly, earthy scent and hanging onto him like a child to its safety blanket. It didn't help that he touched my arm several times, making my stomach tighten and my heart lurch into my throat. I could feel his touch as more than a simple touch, his hand felt warm through the material of my sleeve, and made my skin tingle. If only he knew what he did to me.

At breakfast I ate little, which caused Elrond to cast me several concerned glances. I excused myself and took my leave before I could be questioned further. Aragorn was not at breakfast.

Deciding my rooms were the best place to be today, for I did not wish to talk to anybody, I began to make my way there.

"Legolas, may I have a word?" a voice made me stop as I walked the halls. I sighed quietly and followed Elrond to his study.

He motioned to sit down, and took the chair opposite mine, a serious look on his face.

"What did you wish to speak to me about?" I enquired.

"What is it that troubles you so?" Elrond looked me straight in the eye, as if he were trying to search my soul for answers. I turned my head away, worried he would find out just by looking at me.

"Legolas, I want answers," Elrond said sternly. "I know something is bothering you."

Sighing, I told him a part of my problems. "I do not think I love Valrodiel anymore," I said sadly.

"Look at me Legolas," It was an order not a request, and I obeyed the older elf. He stared into my eyes again.

"The love you hold is no longer for Valrodiel," he spoke softly "She is not the one for you, Legolas, there is another.." he stared harder at my face and I felt myself go red. "The love in your eyes is for another, isn't it?" he asked. I nodded, looking away again and feeling guilty for feeling that way. "Who is it, Legolas?" he asked.

"I cannot tell, Elrond," I answered feeling emptiness swirling around inside of me again. "It would hurt too many."

The elf lord sighed and looked at me helplessly. "When you decide to tell me you know where I am." I nodded. Elrond had given me permission to leave, and I did; racing to my room and shutting myself in until nightfall. I did not want lunch or dinner, I just wanted to be alone.

For in this life of pain and secrets, I truly was.

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