A Secret Untold: Part XVIII by: Thalisirwen

I awoke with a start. Legolas thrashed uncontrollably on the bed, screaming. As I jumped up towards the bed, Elrond ran in with Liadriel close behind him.

"What's going on?" I asked the elf as he helped the healer hold Legolas down.

"Just help I'll explain later," Elrond shouted above the prince's agonised screams. Seeing that the only way to hold Legolas down was by pinning him to the bed, climbed up and sat upon his legs, leaning forward and grabbing his arms. Elrond and Liadriel let go as I gained control over the elf, and Elrond carefully undid the shirt the healers had dressed the prince in earlier. Horrible looking marks blemished his chest. Elrond suppressed a gasp as he saw them.

Legolas had calmed down again, and lay still again, pain still etched into his face.

I got down from the bed, and Elrond pulled me outside the room whilst Liadriel began tending to the prince.

"What's wrong with him, Elrond?" I enquired.

"The poison has gone deeper than I thought," he replied. "Aragorn, have you ever heard of the Sangwafaire?"

"Yes...they attack their victims souls..." I stopped as I realised what the elf was saying. "You mean...Legolas..." I looked back into the room where the prince lay, pale and weak, and fought back tears. Sangwafaire had taken many victims. I had never heard of any that survived. "Is there any way to help him?" I asked quietly.

"There is, but it is very dangerous."

I looked up, "do it."

"Aragorn, it's more dangerous than facing Sauron himself. Someone close to Legolas must merge souls with him, leave their body and enter his. The Sangwafaire must be defeated, but no solid weapon will kill it, or even hurt it. Only the strength of the soul can do so," he paused to take a breath, then continued. "If the Sangwafaire defeats the combined soul, both souls will die. And their bodies with them." He spoke gravely.

"I'll do it," I said, making my determination obvious in my voice.

Liadriel had been sent outside with orders that no one was to enter until Elrond gave the word. A single candle burnt on the table, casting eerie shadows across the room. A heady incense had been lit, the smoke rising from it was floating upwards.

Legolas had been moved over to one side of the bed. Following Elrond's orders, I lay on the other side of the bed beside the prince.

"Now, take his hand," Elrond directed.

Holding my breath, I reached across and gently took the elf's soft, graceful hand in mine. His hands felt cold, yet were damp with sweat.

Lifting a small knife, I made a small cut in my arm as Elrond unwrapped the bandage from Legolas's arm. I tried to ignore the fact that poison was oozing even more rapidly from the wound. Hastily, Elrond took the knife from me and wiped its blade of my blood with a fresh bandage, then wrapping it around Legolas's wound.

He then knelt down beside Legolas and took his other hand, whispering, "You know what to do now."

Closing my eyes, I began to speak the words Elrond had made me memorise earlier, as the he hummed a long, continuous note.

"My body is your body," I felt a tingle spread through me, but continued.

"My mind is your mind
My heart is your heart,
My blood is your blood,
My soul is your soul.
Empowered by this union
Our souls are as one
Strengthened by blood
Our souls are as one
We are one
We are one
We are..." Before I could finish the final line, my head began to spin, and I gasped as my heart began to beat faster and the tingle in my skin grew to a buzz. Then I felt as if I was floating from the bed, and I clutched Legolas's hand with all my strength, determined not to let go.

Suddenly falling downwards, I hit something hard and my eyes flew open. I was surrounded by darkness. Legolas was no longer beside me, for I was no longer in the room. I was in a tunnel. At one end was light, at the other, darkness. Taking a deep breath, I turned and strode towards the darkness.

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