The Chronicles of Lavelynne : Part I
by Kelly


Mae govannen! You are here, little child, to listen the the story, my story, so that is will be known and so that the ears of all will never forget it. This is a tale of the Great House of Elrond, of the One Ring which was destroyed, of the Great Joining, and finally it is a tale of my life.

Listen and record this carefully, little one.....................


Chapter 1- The Dream

I never had dreams.

Perhaps that is why, when a frightning dream awoke me on that spring night long ago, I immediately went to my father for counsel.

Silently I padded down the long halls and the winding stone stairs of Rivendell. I was searching for my father, Elrond Half-Elven, the ruler of Rivendell.

I found him finally, to my relief, standing alone on a spacious balcony that ovelooked the Ford of Bruinen. His back was to me, but I could tell that he was deep in thought from the strains of soft moonlight that lit the outside with a eerie silver glow and lit his fine face enough for me to see the worry-lines.

Before I could speak, he addressed me.

'Lavelynne, my daughter, what awakes you on a night as peacful as this?' he turned to me and smiled softly as he spoke, but I could see a spark of worry in his dark eyes.

At this moment, looking my father in the face and hearing him call me 'daughter', I could not help but to smile back. For you see, I was not a true child of Elrond. Nay, Elrond himself found me alone and deserted the a pine wood that surrounds Rivendell. He took me as his own and gave me the name Lavelynne, which means 'lost one'. Though I was and always had been treated as a true daughter, my heart would always jump a little with secret pleasure when my father acknowledged the fact that I was His.

Finally replying, I told him, 'I had a dream, Father.'

'A dream? No wonder you awoke! Let us go inside, where we may better discuss this dream of yours.' He looked apprehensively up at the dark sky above, as though searching for something. Then he turned back to me. 'Follow me.'

I did as he asked, having to skip a little to keep up with his long, dignified strides.

He led me to his meeting chamber, a large open room in the heart of Rivendell. On the room's walls were hung many a mural from the days of old, as well as numerous maps and artifacts. Indeed, it was my favorite room in all of the House.

'Tell me of your dream, if you care to. I do not promise to tell you its meaning, but it may help you to speak of it. You have been badly shaken, I see.' he said to me, beckoning me to sit in a large comfortable chair.

Sitting, I told him of my dream. 'I do not remember much, even now it is fading, but I do remember a dark figure. It was on horseback and evil seemed to seep from it. It was clothed in a long, dark robe that looked as though it was made of the darkest shadow of Mordor!'

'Shhhh, my dear Lavelynne, do not speak of that place.' he said. 'Is there more?'

'He was ch-ch-chasing me.' I stuttered. 'That is all.'

Elrond's eys had widened and a look as close to fear as his brave soul could make crept over his features. He quickly erased it.

'Tell me, tell me now, do you remember ANYTHING else? It is quite important to tell me if indeed you do.' his voice was calm and even, yet deadly serious.

'I remember....'


'Gold.' I said


'Yes. Gold and, and, Round.' I struggled to recapture even a glimpse more of the fading memory.

'A Ring, perhaps?' My father asked in a quiet voice, almost to himself.

His words sparked a memory. 'YES!' I said excitedly 'A ring it was, a fine one of gold! I remember fearing the ring, yet the fear of the rider in black finding it made me braver. Does that help?'

Elrond took a deep breath and ran a strong hand through his longish, raven black hair. In times like this I realized just how handsome my father was. His fine featured face was lined with thought, but I could see many a happy and many a sorrowful time etched into it. His long hair and slightly pointed ears, the trademark of an elf, gave him a youthful apperance. The circlet of fine silver on his head glinted as he stood, taking my hand in his own.

'Do not worry of your dream Lavelynne.' he told me. 'Go back to your chamber and rest, no more will a dream haunt you tongiht.'

'But...' I started

Elrond held up hand, 'To bed.' he commanded.

Yet as I left the meeting chamber to go to my own, I could feel my father's worry. Heavy it felt onmy retreating shoulders.

Back in my chamber, as I slid into my soft bed, the vision of the Rider in Black flashed before my eyes.

'I will find out why this dream was so worrisome to Father. I will find out the danger.' I thought to myself.

I cold only hope that when I found the truth it wouldn't be too late.

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