The Chronicles of Lavelynne : Part III
by Kelly


*Continuing Flashback (see Chapter 1)*

By the time I was prepared to leave on my journey it was already Mid- Summer in Rivendell. The waters surrounding the peaceful Elven House were warm with the sun, and the green leaves of the trees were large and overly ripe, casting shadows upon the ivory and silver spirals of the Courtyard and House.

It was indeed time to leave. No longer could my journey be put off.

"Then I shall go to Mirkwood, and soon. I shall but deliver the message and then return." I spoke to myself, but was overheard.

"Yes, Lavelynne. You shall go on your journey. Do not worry my daughter, the Elves of Mirkwood will welcome an Elf of this House. Especially a lovely Maiden such as yourself."

I whipped around quickly to discover Elrond, Lord of Rivendell and my Father, stepping onto the cool stone walkway.

"Lovely? In your eyes perhaps, yet even your love cannot hide the truth. I know I do not look like Arwen. I know I am nary beautiful nor do I look as one of your lineage should. I am not of Rivendell Father. I am not yours." I sighed sadly and frowned a bit as I thought.

"You are right in saying, my dear, that you are not mine. The story is not new to you. I found you in a forest. Why are you dredging up the past? You are not mine by birth, but you ARE mine. And of your looks? Why compare yourself to Arwen? Why compare yourself to any of my Household? You know you are different. Different and beautiful. You just need to realize it Lavelynne." Elrond's kind words were complemented with a smile. `You are my youngest daughter. I love you dearly.'

"Look at me, my eyes are not the endless blue of Arwen's, they are a plain and unnoticable grey. My hair is not the lustrous black of yours, it is fair, but white streaked with blond! If I were as stunning as you say then an Elf-Lord would have come here and swept me off my feet by now! Never will that happen though for I am not lovely! " In that moment my largest and most secret worry, never finding a Lord to marry, had come to the surface. It was a secret no longer.

I looked away from Father.

"Ahh. Then that is it? That is your fear?" Elrond asked.

I did not reply.

"I am surprised, Lavelynne, that of all Elves you are worrying of such things! Look at yourself! The Elven-Lord for you is out there somewhere, and he is indeed the luckiest of all our people." He paused for a moment, staring out over the spires and towers of Rivendell and into the mist covered mountains beyond. "It is time for you to leave. Mirkwood is waiting."


The next morning I set off on my journey. The morning was unusually cool, giving the Elves but a hint of the autumn approaching.

I was riding upon Spreelo, a gallant steed of my brother Elladan's. Spree, as he was sometimes called, was indeed on of the best of the herd, even including Arwen's Losaloth. His coat was a deep burnished bronze and as bright as the sun. He had a creamy white mane and tail that were streaked with the color of his coat. Rumor abounded that Spree was a direct descendent of the Meara stallions in Rohan. It was believeable. Spreelo carried the noble presence of a Meara. However, Elladan was only letting me ride his horse as Spree's willingness and fine temperment made him the only horse for the long, dark journey into the heart of Mirkwood.

I gave a soft cluck to Spree a set off. With a final wave to my family, for all had come to see me off, even my ever-busy brothers Erohir and Elladan, I sat firmly, loosened my reins and urged Spreelo on.

For the first time in my life, I was eager to leave Rivendell.


"Oh Spreelo! What did I do to deserve this?"

I was despondent. Already I should have been safe in the House of King Thranduil, and yet I was still wandering the Forest. Worse yet, I had already taken so many forks and turns in the road that I feared I would never be able to even backtrack. I was lost.

Upset and afraid, I, Lady Lavelynne, began to cry.

Dismounting quickly I explained to Spree, "I don't care anymore Spreelo! I don't care about the Ring or my message or anything! I just want to see light again! These dark woods are so strange." The horse nickered softly and nudged me.

"We'll camp tonight and hope for the best, Spree."

Suddenly Spreelo pricked his ears up with interest and whinned. He tore the reins out of my fingers and galloped off into the increasing darkness.

I was stunned, had he been afraid? What was out there? It was very unlike Spreelo to leave his rider. I drew the small sword Father had given me and stood in a fighter's stance, anticipating my enemy.

"What do we have here?" a rich and beautiful voice filled my ears. "An beutiful Elven-Maiden from far off lands? Lost in the forest with out her faithful steed? Afraid and sure of death?" the voice seemed to be coming from all directions. Despite its beauty, I feared the speaker.

I spun sideways in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the speaker, but only succeeded in tripping over my long, silver dress. I fell to the ground in a heap.

I heard a laugh, not harsh though, as I had expected, but the soft lilting laugh of an Elf. A figure stepped out from the shadows of the trees.

Indeed, it was an Elf, a handsome young male at that.

He looked to be about my age and yet was more handsome than I had ever imagined an Elf to be. He advanced slowly towards me, his hand out to show he meant no harm. Looking back, I suppose I looked afraid, but in actuality it was awe.

He was clad only in then leggings of a forest green and a brown tunic. I could see the tight muscles of his legs through the leggings, and it was apparent that this Elf was strong and sure of himself. His hair was long and the sides were braided back to prevent the blocking of his sight. It shone like gold, even in the low light of the evening. His face was almost angelic. His eyes seemed to jump out at me, his gaze penetrated my soul. They were eyes of the clearest blue, a bright icy color that would melt any young elf-maiden's heart. The eyes held, like my own, a spark of curiosity that my Father had told me was rare in Elves of this time. His lips were thin and drawn back in a dazzling smile of welcome.

Finally he spoke. "Tell me, I can see you are an Elf, but you are like none I have ever seen. You are more beautiful than even the fair Arwen Evenstar, though her beauty is widely known. Your hair is so fair, just barely it seems to have been kissed with gold. Your eyes are of a misty grey not known to me. Where are you from, fair Maiden, for it has been long since an elf so lovely has walked in Mirkwood."

I was speechless, could this Elf, as beautiful as the stars, actually think such things about me?

I regained my voice quickly.

"I am called Lavelynne and the reason for my journey is to be told only to King Thranduil of Mirkwood." I told the Elf. "Do you know where I can find him?"

"Of course, where are my manners? Sweet Lavelynne, I am called Legolas Greenleaf. I can show you to the King."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. His hand was strong and he pulled me hard enough to make me fall into his strong chest.

"Ummph!" I gave a muffled snort of surprise as I fell face first into Legolas's tunic.

"I am so sorry fair Lavelynne. I did not realize you were so light!" I looked into those clear eyes of his. He did not look very sorry to me. Before I could comment though, he whistled softly and called out something in a tongue new to me.

Spreelo, accompinied by a shorter and stockier grey horse, appeared in the small clearing.

"Here are our mounts mi'lady," Legolas said with a grin. "Though I daresay your horse surrpasses my own in every form!" he grinned and slapped the grey in a friendly way on the shoulder. Legolas then deftly lept upon the grey. I looked up at Spreelo's saddle. Suddenly his 17 hands seemed to grow and I felt impossibly tired.

Legolas looked at me, his cocked slightly to the side and said "I see you are tired. Would you like to ride double on my horse? Tantanna is not lovely to look at like your steed, but her stride is comfortable and she knows the woods."

I nodded shyly, then blushed. "I would like that..."

Legolas stretched down a long arm from Tantanna's back. I took his hand and he pulled me aboard. He sat behind me, assuring that I would not fall and held my waist lightly with his free arm.

I lurched forward as Tantanna cantered away but soon found that the mare was as surefooted and smooth as Legolas had promised me.

"Are you okay? Do you feel secure?" He whispered in my ear as we went up a small rise.

Legolas didn't wait for my answer, instead he squeezed me closer to his body. Together we rode Tantanna through the forest, with an empty-saddled Spreelo following, until I saw lights dimly glowing ahead.

"Behold lovely Lavelynne! The city of the Elves of Mirkwood! You will rest here, I will take you to my father in the morning." his words were soft and quiet in my ears.

"Your Father? You are a Prince, then?" I had been almost asleep, but the curious comment awoke me immediately.

Legolas swore softly under his breath. "I am sorry to have decieved you. I....I..."

"Yes?" I prompted softly.

"Get some rest. I will talk more in the morning." With a sigh, the mysterious Elf helped me off his horse and led me into the Palace and directly to a sleeping chamber, much to the wonder of the other Mirkwood Elves.

He sat me on the bed and whispered "Sleep well mysterious maiden from afar, I will see you in the morning."

With that he kissed me softly on my forehead. I had never felt a kiss such as that one. It was warm and comforting yet sweet and passionate. Pondering this, I fell quickly to sleep.

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