Fallen Leafs, Part XV
by Areli


Legolas was bowing before the eye of Sauron when they heard the shrieks of the ringwraiths. They burst into the main chamber where Sauron and Legolas were and walked up to them in great haste. 

What news? Legolas "heard" Sauron ask.  

"They refuse to accept. Thranduil will send an army after Legolas." a wraith said.  

"Father..." Legolas murmered. For a moment he wondered why he was doing this. For a small moment he remembered that he was Legolas, prince of Mirkwood, son of Thranduil.  

The moment passed and Legolas was once again, a slave to Sauron's will. 

You have the ring do you not Legolas? Sauron asked.  

"Yes." Legolas said, drawing the ring out. He held it up towards the eye.  

Give my ring to me Legolas.  

Legolas hesitated. Thoughts of his father merged into his mind.  

Legolas! Sauron's voice roared. The ground shook. 

The ringwraiths drew around Legolas, their swords drawn.  

"Give our master the ring..." they commanded.  

Legolas' hand quivered slightly as it slowly went towards Sauron. For a moment, nothing moved except Legolas.  

All stopped and watched.  

Legolas suddenly seemed to snap out of it. The look of realization crossed his face as he suddenly pulled the ring back towards him.  

"No!" he yelled putting the ring into his pocket and grabbing his bow and arrows.  

FOOL! Sauron's voice boomed. Give me my ring!  

"No!" Legolas repeated as he shot at the wraiths. He ran through the main chamber and leapt down the flight of stairs. 

Get me my ring!! he heard Sauron yell to the wraiths.  

Their shrieks plagued the foul air as Legolas broke out into a mad dash for any exit. Yet he found that they were all sealed off. 

He could not win.  

The wraiths approached him. He shot at them with deadly accuracy yet more wraiths that he had never seen before began to appear from behind the wraiths he had shot.  

At long last one wraith grabbed Legolas' bow and tossed it to the other side of the room. Legolas grabbed his swords and began to fight with those.  


Aragorn weaved his way through the thousands of orcs and goblins all running towards the castle. The monsters had suddenly stopped attacking and began to run towards the castle. They all seemed to hear the cry of their masters and were more than eager to help.  

The three companions knew all too well that Legolas was within that castle and more than likely giving the ring to Sauron.  

Aragorn simply couldn't believe that Legolas was a traitor. A large part of him believed that Legolas was still his ally. He only hoped that he could get the ring from Legolas and "snap him out of it" as it were.  

"Legolas!" Aragorn yelled to no one. He would never make it in time... 


"Give us the ring Leoglas..." a wraith ordered Legolas.  

"Never!" Legolas shouted, slashing every wraith he could see.  

More creatures suddenly flooded the room that they were in. A small circle of space surrounded Legolas, leaving him in the middle of a room filled with creatures ready to kill him.  

His swords shook in his hands as he glared at his enemies. He knew they would kill his body and take the ring.  

All was lost and it was his fault.

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