Fallen Leafs, Part XVI
by Areli


Aragorn finally reached the castle's entrance and was almost swept up in the massive crowd of horrid creatures flooding into the main chambers.  

He could barely make out a figure surrounded by the creatures. Aragorn saw a small whisp of blond hair out of the corner of his eye. 

"Legolas!" he called. 

"Aragorn!" Legolas returned. "I am unsure what to do!" 

"Give us the ring." a wraith commanded. "Or I will give the signal to have you killed." 

"My life is meaningless to me." Legolas said. "I have failed in my life."  

"Very well then."  

"Legolas do not allow for your own destruction!" Aragorn cried, hacking his way through the creatures.  

The creatures, in return began to attack Aragorn and lost focus on Legolas.  

"Run you fool!" Aragorn yelled as he fought. "Stay and help me fight or run!"  

Legolas was tired of failing to aid his allies. His grip on his swords tightened.  

With two swift strokes Legolas fell three wraiths and slashed through the masses of creatures.  

For what seemed like an eternity madness befell the main chambers of the castle.  

Aragorn and Legolas were losing although half of the creatures were slain by their swords.  


"We must flee!" Aragorn called to Legolas above the noise the creatures were producing.  

He received no reply.  

Aragorn looked around and could not find Legolas anywhere. Worry filled him as he began to wonder if perhaps Sauron had taken him again.  

"Aragorn!" he heard Gandalf yell. In a blast of light the creatures surrounding Aragorn simply fell where they stood. 

"Gandalf I cannot find Legolas!"  

"He has fled." Gimli said angrily. "I saw him run like a coward." 

"You are sure of this?" Gandalf questioned. 

"My vision is not as good as an elf's but I could make out an elf running away from the castle." Gimli said, slightly irritated.  

"We must follow him. I told him to flee when he received the chance." Aragorn explained. 

"Let us be off." Gandalf said. "He still possesses the ring!"  

The three companions raced off away from the castle deep within Sauron, not knowing that Legolas was still within the castle.

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