Immortal Heart: Part III
by Alexandra

Legolas tried not to gasp as the hobbit named Frodo laid the One Ring on the pedestal. It was the one thing that could strike fear into the heart of even the most hardened warrior: the ring of Sauron. The sunlight glinted off the metal and silence fell on the Council of Elrond.

Legolas tried as hard as he could to pay attention to what it was that Boromir was saying, but the ring held his attention. He knew of the ring, knew of the destruction that it could cause. He also knew that it must be destroyed. It was with all his will that he tried to persuade the council in this action, which is the course that Elrond decided upon.

It was the foolishness of the dwarves that sparked the argument. Legolas knew no mortal weapon could destroy the ring, though the dwarf Gimli did not. Legolas had to hold back his kinsman from getting too close to the dwarves. It was during this time that a shout rolled over the crowd, “I will take the ring!”

Turning, they saw Frodo walk to the pedestal. “I will take the ring to Mordor. Though, I do not know the way.”

“I will help you with this burden,” said Gandalf, stepping up beside the hobbit.

“If by my life or my death I can protect you, I shall,” said Aragorn. “You shall have my sword.”

“And my bow,” put in Legolas, wishing to see the ring gone from Middle-Earth.

“And my axe,” interjected Gimli, much to Legolas’ dismay.

“If this is the will of the council,” concluded Boromir. “Then Gondor will see it done.” There was a shocked few moments as three hobbits appeared, refusing to be left behind.

Elrond nodded. “Very well. You shall be the fellowship of the ring.”

“Great!” exclaimed Pippin. “Where are we going?”


Saderian fell onto the floor as the orcs shoved her back into her room. Saruman had tried to get information out of her, information about the ring. She did not know and now blood flowed freely from the many wounds he had given her for her silence.

Saderian truthfully did not know the answers, and she wouldn’t tell him even if she did. He questioned her about something called the fellowship. Nearly all the names he had given meant nothing to her. She was friends with Gandalf, who was a part of this fellowship. She knew of Aragorn, for Legolas was friends with him and had spoken of him many times though she had never met him herself. Saruman had also mentioned Legolas. He was on this quest with the ring, and she could only hope that he would be all right.

Saderian moved over to the wall and leaned against it. It had been weeks since she was caught. Saderian remembered how Galadriel had warned her, warned her about Isengard. She had gone on anyway. She sighed and closed her eyes, wishing she were back in Mirkwood.


Legolas bowed his head as Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn descended the stairs. It had been a trying journey; he was reminded of their loss of Gandalf as Lord Celeborn asked where the wizard was.

“He has fallen into shadow,” whispered Galadriel, reading what was written on their hearts. Legolas closed his eyes, knowing the grief was too near for him. They had been walking in a daze ever since they left the dreadful mines of Moria. Even when they had come to the realm of Lothlorien, they were looking as if they were confused as to what to do next.

Haldir was leading the group to the place where they would rest for the time, and they passed by a group of horses as they did so. One white horse caught Legolas’ eye and made him stop in his tracks. The others stopped to look at him as the elf said, “Neara?”

The horse picked up it’s head and trotted over to the elf. Neara knew Legolas almost as well as she knew Saderian. She pushed her nose up against Legolas’ shoulder as he reached up to pet her. Haldir soon came over.

“Is something wrong?” asked Haldir.

“Manke naa Saderian?” Legolas asked immediately. He glanced around, hoping to catch a glimpse of her among the golden trees.

“Saderian has not passed through here for more than several month’s time,” Haldir responded. “She asked that Neara remain here, for she said the path she was to take would be too dangerous.”

“Saderian misses you greatly,” said Galadriel. Legolas turned around to find the elven queen behind him. “I spoke with her before she left. Her love for you has not wavered and she wished greatly to see you again. Saderian has a task of great danger upon her. How it all will end, none of us can be sure. You must go on with your task Legolas Greenleaf. If you do not, her life may be lost.”

Legolas paled at the words. He silently nodded and Galadriel turned to leave. “Do not fear for her Legolas,” she said as she walked off. Haldir spoke quietly with Aragorn before leaving and taking Neara with him. Aragorn motioned toward him, and Legolas moved up front to walk with him.

“Who is this Saderian?” he asked. Aragorn had known Legolas well before the Council of Elrond, though he had not been to Mirkwood for many years. The last time he was among those trees, he knew that there had been no she-elf that had caught Legolas’ eye at the time.

“Saderian is now my wife,” explained Legolas. He avoided Aragorn’s eyes as they walked along. “I met her during an orc attack several years ago, oddly enough. The day I asked her to be with me, she had to leave to go on some errand for my father. She wouldn’t tell me anything. That was her horse, Neara. Saderian would never leave her behind if she could avoid it. I am worried Aragorn. Haldir has not seen her for several months. It does not sit well with me.”

“The Lady said that you should not fear for her,” pointed out Aragorn. “I dare say that anyone you chose could fend for themselves.”

Legolas smiled and chuckled. “You are right. Saderian will be fine. Come, we should make camp.”


Saderian lain prone on the floor, tears and blood flowing. She did not know how much longer she could stay alive. It hurt her to move, hurt her to breathe, even hurt her to cry. She had lost track of the time she had been held inside Orthanc. She knew that it had been months since she had been outside, longer still since she was among the trees of her home. Saderian knew she had to escape soon. She still had her dagger in her boot, though she no longer knew if she would have enough strength to use it.

There was a tremendous blast from trumpets outside, echoing off the wall. Marching feet by the thousands could be heard, leading away from Isengard. Saruman was sending his armies to another battlefield, leaving himself barely defended. Saderian knew that if she were to escape, it must be soon.

She heard a great rumble in the distance, a sound like that of falling stone soon coming after. As soon as the armies of Isengard had left, the stronghold of Saruman had been attacked. Saderian did not know that at that very moment, an army of Ents were attacking Isengard, the hobbits Merry and Pippin with them. Saderian closed her eyes, trying to gather the last of her strength. As she thought of what she was going to do, she whispered the word “Legolas,” knowing that her actions might save him and the rest of those in Middle-Earth by taking a dangerous enemy out of the equation.

Saruman did not know what to make of it. He had left the Ents out of his calculations and now he was paying for it dearly. He ran up the stairs, hoping to get a better view from one of the higher windows when he passed the room that he was holding that blasted she-elf in.

He slowed down, wondering if he could somehow use her to his advantage. She had not uttered one word that was to be of use to him while he questioned her. He now stopped outside her door to think a moment when one word reached his ears, “Legolas.” So the she-elf knew the prince of Mirkwood. She might even be more than an acquaintance. He would possibly need this information later.

Meanwhile, he had a raging group of Ents that was making him wary. Continuing his run up the stairs he pushed the she-elf Saderian out of his mind.

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