The Jewel of the Stars: Part III
by Erin


Legolas moved swiftly to the table where Aragorn sat. He took a seat in the elegant, high backed chair to the left of his friend and quickly made himself comfortable.

“Where have you been, dear friend?” Aragorn questioned, giving Legolas a knowing glance.

“Doing none of the things that are implied by your strange countenance!” Legolas laughed lightly, his eyes twinkling. “I went to the grotto near the river. I fear that I was too lost in my thoughts and did not notice the sun going down. I hope Lord Elrond will forgive my tardiness.”

“I do not see why he wouldn’t…it was a simple mistake, not a heinous crime.” Aragorn comforted him, resting a hand on the Elf’s shoulder and flashing him a gentle smile.

Legolas smiled again and nodded his head in acceptance.

“So, Aragorn, where is your lady, Arwen?” he asked, scanning the crowd.

“She has accompanied her father and sister to the gazebo.” Aragorn answered, pointing toward the beautiful, wooden structure that stood in the middle of the courtyard. “And, now that we speak of Arwen’s sister, pray you, tell me your feelings for the young beauty.”

Legolas chuckled softly. “You certainly do know how to come to a point, my friend!”

Aragorn nodded his head, but said nothing. He still awaited Legolas’ answer.

“I am very fond of the Lady Luinëhothiel…I have been for many hundreds of years…” Legolas said, trailing off.

“And?” Aragorn pried.

“And, what, Aragorn? The Lady is a good friend of mine, and that is all.”

Aragorn nodded in approval as he saw Arwen and Luinëhothiel quickly approaching the head table. He bowed his head to the two ladies, as did Legolas, then stood up to take Arwen’s hand.

“Shall we dance, Lady Evenstar?”

Arwen smiled and placed her hand in Aragorn’s as he led her off to dance.

Luinëhothiel smiled thoughtfully as she watched her sister, and the man she loved; dance slowly and romantically to the soft music. She began to sway back and forth and hum to herself, picturing Legolas’ arms wrapped around her, holding her close.

She was suddenly brought out of her reverie when she felt a soft touch on her shoulder. It was Legolas…her eyes lit up immediately.

“Lady Luinëhothiel…” Legolas whispered softly, “will you please grant me the honor of a single dance?”

She blushed furiously. “You may have more than that, Prince Legolas…” she uttered softly, taking his proffered hand.

He slowly and gracefully led her to a spot near where Arwen and Aragorn were dancing. He placed her arms gently around his neck, then let his own arms wrap around her thin waist, pulling her ever closer. They had begun their dancing slowly, but after a few moments, their motions stopped almost completely.

Luinëhothiel sighed as she looked into Legolas’ bright blue eyes. ‘So this must be what heaven is like…’ she thought, closing her eyes and trying to imagine a place of such beauty and perfection.

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